When I adopted my cat, I didn’t know she had fleas. We’ve now got fleas on our carpet, couch, ect….and I’m worried about it. How do you get fleas out of your furniture and carpet (I’ve already treated the cat).????


  1. Gilly Bean

    If you’ve already treated the cat, get her out of the house. The upholstry and carpet will just serve as a breeding ground for the fleas, which will in turn reinfest your cat.
    Once the cat is out of the home, use table salt. Buy those buy containers at the grocery store (usually under $2 a can, and 1 can will equal 1 treatment for an average 2 bedroom house, or an apartment). Sprinkle the salt everywhere in your house, on the carpet, in the places your cat lays, the furniture, everything.
    Let it sit over night, then vacuum everything. Toss the vaccuum bag or empty the container EVERY time, double bag what you dump, and take it out of the house immediatly. If there are any fleas still alive, they can find a way out of the bag and back into the house.
    Repeat this 2 days later. If you still find fleas after the 2nd treatment, consider doing a flea bomb, but the salt almost always works within 2 treatments, as long as you don’t have fleas really bad.
    Wash your beddings, and any clothing on the floor or in hampers, in case any are nesting in there.

  2. Omega-3 und Q10 Produkte

    Treating the cat will not help until the home is treated. Call your vet or buy any one of these products online:
    Ectokyl Spray (one can does an average size home)
    Knockout Spray
    Siphotrol Plus II
    You need to be sure it contains an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) like Nylar. Stay clear of Zodiac, Hartz or bio-spot, as I have seen too many reactions from these. Not sure about Adams. Keep the cat on something like Fronline Plus, that stops the cycle. The reason OTC foggers and meds don’t work: over used and mis-used. Foggers don’t work as they don’t get under any furniture of behind the drapes, etc. It just blows up into a cloud of smog and falls. Be sure to get all areas really well with the spray, with just a fine mist. Use as directed. be sure to toss the vacuum bag after vacuuming – very important! Good luck! Sometimes, highly infested homes need a second treatment. My first choice is the Ectokyl, as I have even used this for ants and other bugs – works great, but use minimally!

  3. judy_der

    Sprinkle 20 Mule Team Borax laundry soap on the carpet and let it set for several days then vacuum up, you will have to repeat this process several times before you will get all the fleas as the eggs will keep hatching. The furniture you will have to spray with a flea spray, you can also spray the carpet but the sprays get expensive, or you can bomb the house with a flea bomb, this also may take several times to get rid of the fleas, this has been a bad year for fleas

  4. m27jean

    To get fleas out of your house follow these directions. Wash the cat with Palmolive dish soap (there is something in their ingredients that kills fleas) wash a second time 15 days later when the new eggs start to hatch. Use Borax and sprinkle liberally over the furniture and carpet and vacuuming. Do this again 15 days later. Finally put some mothballs in the vacuum cleaner bag and leave them in there. It kills all the fleas and will make your house live able again.

  5. T

    If they fleas are in your rugs and furniture you may have to call a company to come in and spray………..
    buying spays from your local store and spraying yourself
    may not the job…………..

  6. Lacking Daisies

    You have to vacuum EVERYTHING every day! Our two dogs and two cats have fleas and we’re treating them. We vacuum everything, ever day! It’s really annoying, but if it’ll get rid of fleas I’ll do it!
    (Don’t use flea collars on a cat! They will lick it and can get some kind of deadly cancer!)
    (Frontline is expensive, but works really well!)

  7. cluttert

    Walmart sells a carpet flea powder for like $4.00. Well worth it! Any time we get fleas we use this stuff and it is the best. We always know in the late summer we will have fleas because our cats are outside/inside cats, we but two cans of this stuff (because of the size of our house) and problem solved. Sprinkle it all over and let it sit for a few hours before you vacum it up. They also say you can sprinkle salt all over and vacum up, but I have found this is not as effect. It will get some, but not all of the fleas. Good luck! =^..^=

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