I Just acquired 2 daschund puppies and they had fleas. At least I think they’re fleas (pretty fast -like sugar ants- but do not jump). I went to the strore and everything said for puppies 12 weeks or older.


  1. Help

    I’m a breeder and the best thing I’ve found for fleas for a puppy less that 12 weeks old is the advantage once a month flea treatment,but this is purchased by weight.On a small pup you will need a syringe with needle attached and draw out of the tube about 2/10 ,or two little marks on the syringe and put on the pup behind neck,midway the body and on back hip area.,but pup must be at least 7 wks. old.For younger than 7 wks. bath the pets in Dawn dishwashing liquid,but rinse well and blow dry with a dryer on a warm stting.

  2. LoneStar

    We always gave ours a nice bath and drowned the fleas until the they were old enough to be flee treated.

  3. Bambi

    You can get a fine toothed flea comb to use on them, which helps. Unfortunately, the best stuff is Frontline, but they’re not old enough for it. Just comb them every day until they’re old enough for Frontline.

  4. jenny flower

    Ask the vet i’m sure you can get something from 8 weeks of age. the drops are good but not sure of the age ask the vet and you can’t go wrong.

  5. Rebecca P

    You should be able to buy a product called Capstar. This is a pill that will kill all the fleas on you puppies within a 24 hour period. Some vets sell this product OTC. It is safe for puppies as young as 6 weeks old.

  6. Vet Tech ♥'s Christmas!

    How old are they??
    At any age above 3 weeks you can bathe them in Dawn Detergent and water.
    If they are older than 6 weeks, you can purchase Frontline Spray for the little bundles.
    At 8 weeks, you can safely apply Frontline Plus.

  7. tarheel ♥

    I just got a pup a day ago and it was infested with fleas. I bathed him in puppy shampoo but that was really not worth the time bc it did not kill the fleas it only made them run to other areas on the pup that did not have the shampoo. Today I tried Dawn dish washing liquid and it seems to be working good. The only thing is that I have carpet in the home and I am afraid that my house will become infested. If my pup is only 4 weeks old do you recommend anything for the carpet even though there are no signs of infestation?

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