The animal is out of the home. Iv’e bombed 2x and still see fleas. I vacuum every other day and take the bag out right away… They are still in my house.



  1. Disney Timeshare

    i feel for you!! my dad took my cat outside to play with no flea protection we also bombed a couple times. the problem is those don’t kill the eggs. buy the powdered form of borac acid and sprinkle it on your carpets all over and rub it in with socked feet. it will take up to a month and about 3 treatments before it complety gets rid of em. but it’s much cheaper than a professional coming to get rid of them. if you have children don’t let them play on the carpeted floor with out a blanket being layed down though because of the borac acid. good luck!!! hope you get it worked out!

  2. Mama W

    get a exterminator to treat it they will probably bomb it and the most important thing is to vacum alot good luck

  3. Aaron C.

    I used powder on the carpet and spray in all the crooks and crannies of the sofa’s and along the edges of the floor boards… You have to leave the powder down for 24 hours and sweep it into the fibers of the carpet. Good luck!

  4. REnate

    You really need a professional to come in an bomb the house. You will never get rid of them on your own. You will have to leave the house for a couple of days.

  5. sara c

    we had this problem not to long ago,, the best thing to do is, get a box of borox laudry detergant, sprinkle it on all of your carpets from wall to wall and leave the house for 2 hours,,,,(make sure your pet isnt in the areas you have sprinkled) when u come back after the 2 hours, vacume the carpets (we have a shop vac and uif u open it u can see all of the dead fleas),,, do this 1 a week for a month and u should be goodd

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