I’ve tried everything. I have a 5 yr old border collie. She’s short haired, and I’ve tried about everything to get rid of her fleas. Baths, shaving, shampoos, those medicines you run down their back. Nothing is working.
Its getting worse now that its getting warmer. Is there anything that, isnt too expensive that can get rid of them?



  1. swarovski rhinestones

    The best thing I have heard of and seemed to work for my friend was they gave their pet a bath in the flee medicine, put down this stuff that kills the flees and then vacuumed, “EVERYTHING”. The suction supposedly kills the flees so go through every little nick and cranny and it should help. Best of luck though, I know how much of a pain that can be.

  2. kristend

    I’m not sure how much it costs, but try getting some food grade diatomaceous earth. You can feed it to her, and spread it around your yard and it will get rid of the fleas. It’s not a poison like Frontline, etc., and it works. I would also vacuum everything, throw out the bag, and wash any bedding, blankets, etc., in hot water.

  3. cynthia n

    Besides treating the dog, have you treated your house? Carpets, bedding, every nook and cranny in your house can have fleas in it. You may need to bomb your house or get a pro to spray it. Comb her every day with a fine flea comb. This will help find the few left on her and you will not need to use as much poison to get rid of the fleas on her.

  4. Nessa

    I kinda had a similar problem but it was with ticks..The only way i was finally able to get rid of them after about a few months was to get rid of all her toys and even her bed… I would bathe my dog ONCE A WEEK with special flea and tick shampoo after the bath try using a flea comb to brush out as many fleas as you can.. and buy a flea collor there cheap and work pretty good…and if you have carpet vaccum as often as possible!!
    good luck!!

  5. Vet Tek

    You need to also have your house spryed they are also living in your house or the process will keep repeating. Also while at the Vet take a stool sample, fleas cause Tapeworm and can be passed onto humans. Then once you have done all this keep your dog on a prevention something from your Vet.

  6. Star

    Find a vet that carries “Contact”. It is a pill you give the dog once a month and you will see the fleas dying within thirty minutes.It’s a little expensive but worth the money and the dog will really appreciate it.

  7. i aint know

    eyucalyptus << spelling may be wrong but I watched fleas bust a move out the door when I brought a branch of it into my one bed room apt in california .. a branch with pods on it ... I shook it like a junky medicine man and u could see the fleas hit the door ... my cat was a flea breeder ... it was very impressive

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