i have fleas in my house.but i dont have a pet,their driving me and my family crazy,how do you get rid of them?



  1. ¤Regina¤

    theres a house spray by HARTZ and i used it and it seemed to work pretty well. i sprayed it all over the carpet and the matress and couch n stuff, then vaccum. or you can buy a flea bomb that works really well also. hope that helps..

  2. icruiseo

    I agree with the borax laundry powder. I have used it before with great results. Don’t listen to those who suggest toxic poisons that is worse than fleas. I use a empty container of Parmesan cheese to sprinkle the powder then use a broom to really work it down in the carpet leave it down for a day or 2 if you can. But first vacuum , vacuum, vacuum including the edges with a vac tool. When you vac the ones that escape end up against the edges. Once you vacuum empty the bag or cup outside not in the house empty into a plastic bag and tie it up tight.Throw your socks, pants directly into the washer because they will have them on there too. This really does work and fast. If you have rugs wash them too even the ones outside your doors and anything else you can think of.

  3. houseplant doctor

    You do not have any animals that have fur in your home and you have flees??? Have you just moved into the place?
    You will need to get an insecticide that is specific to flees. I have used powders that I spinkle over the infested area, let sit for a few minutes, then vacuum up. If you go to a pet store, they can show you the products available.
    But vacume daily, the floors carpets and furniture to suck up the little buggers.
    Eventually they will be eliminated.
    Or you can borrow the neighbors dog that is protected by Frontline (etc,) let it roll around for a bit to catch the flees and then send it home!!!! 🙂

  4. specialk

    Buy Borax detergent, sprinkle all over the floors, Be generous keep on the floors 3 hours. vacume good and shampoo rugs. used for 5 yrs now and it works.

  5. 55yrsnho

    Believe it or not, you do not have to have pets to be troubled by fleas. This time of year they can be unmerciful. Beach areas and sandy locations have sand fleas as well. I would suggest that you call an exterminator for a speedy solution. If that is not possible I suggest using a Pinesol solution on all hard, washable surfaces. The oil in the pinesol will actually kill the fleas. For carpets, Pick up a carpet treatment from a pet store. Use it exactly . After vacuuming , thoroughly clean the inside of your vacuum ( if you just leave it set the flea eggs will hatch out). Wash your bedskirts, etc. that hang to the floor as fleas jump and can ride on pant legs, long curtains, bedskirts. In a week you want to repeat this procedure again. The reason for this is flea eggs require 10 days to develop. Any eggs and larva missed the first treatment will begin to aggravate you with in 10 days. It is necessary that you stay on it and be super thorough . It is a big headache. An exterminator is way easier and they can treat your yard too. Not that expensive either.

  6. *ACDC*

    Salt a whole lot of regular table salt will repell them but first take your pets dogs and cats or birds to the vet and have them treated and maybe stored at a kennel for a short time while your house is still flea infested if not a kennel maybe a relative will take them in after they have been dipped then get some regular salt and sprinkle it all over your house and wait a few hours,then go and get some Diazonine and put it along the base boards of your floor and basically all around your house to keep it flea free and if your area is having a flea problem and you have outside animals you may need to tie them up for a little while.untill it is safe.

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