I found a flea a couple weeks ago, and killed it but I am not sure if it was a flea, it might have been a gnat, but now I see her scratching herself sometimes, how can you tell if your hamster has fleas?


  1. fluffypi

    It would be unlikely for a hamster to get fleas, since hamsters are usually strictly indoor pets. However, I’m sure it is possible for your hamster to get fleas from your other pets if you have dogs or cats that are primarily outdoor pets. Is she scratching herself a lot? Is this a new behavior, or is she doing it more than normal? If so, she might have fleas. Take a close look and see if you see any on her skin. But if she’s the only pet you have and she doesn’t go outside, I would think it was highly unlikely that she would have fleas. If you do find fleas on her, though, you might want to consult a veterinarian or small animal expert to find out how to treat it… since most flea treatments on the market are intended for much bigger pets.

  2. The girl by the name of Nigel ♥

    pick up your hamster and hold it still look through its fur and see if u can find little bugs

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