They seem to all be fluffing their feathers. Does this mean they have fleas or lice and how should i treat it? I also have three dogs who live outside. Do dogs and birds get the same fleas?


  1. LBentfor

    Birds can have lice, indoors or out. If you suspect lice, a quick, inexpensive fix is a spray bottle filled with a 50-50 mixture of water and yellow Listerine. Mist the cage and the birds. If you have nest boxes or the wicker type nests, spray them, too. Repeat at 4 day intervals for 2-3 weeks.
    Are your birds inside or outside? They’re fluffing up, that’s the first sign that they’re not 100%. Are they in a draft? A draft is a quick way to kill small birds.
    How’s your seed? Have you sprouted any to see if it’s viable, not spent? If it won’t sprout, there’s no nutrition in it

  2. Pigeonbo

    I have had caged birds for over 47+ years. I have never had a finch or parakeet or canary or parrot or cockatiel or any other birds that I have kept indoors have any lice or fleas. I don’t think birds get fleas. The can get lice but usually you need to have them in outdoor flights before worrying about lice. If you don’t put dried grasses from outside in you won’t get lice. I know sever bird breeders and none of them have ever had a indoor bird with lice.

  3. lil smiley

    maybe my finch does that to but he does not have flies i am thinking that he will start to scratch more and pick at his fathers more hope this is the best answer

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