My daughters cat had two kittins only one has survived but it does have fleas .It is now 3 weeks old. What is safe to use on it or is it too young for treatment ?


  1. pomplemo

    Don’t give it a flea bath or put a flea collar on it. Those things can be very dangerous for a young kitten! Take them to the vet and they will be able to handle it quickly. My kitten had fleas about a month ago when he was only 8 weeks old. The vet put this liquid on his back and all of the fleas were gone in a hour and it was safe. It was not expensive either in the $20-$30 range for one treatment that works.

  2. Kaska

    It is to young for any type of flea treatment.
    Give him a bath and blow dry well. Pick off any fleas you see. You can also use a flea comb.

  3. smiley

    i have a kitten, and i took it to the vets, they give this cream that your suppose to put on the forehead of the kitten, and the flees go, for a month, then you have to put more on.

  4. Angela

    Most treatments aren’t recommended for kittens. Fleas can quickly be deadly to kittens. You may want to talk to your vet for recommendations. You can try a flea bath and a flea comb, as well as washing any bedding in hot water to get rid of any other fleas.

  5. stephanie k

    dawn dshwashing liquid. fill sink with water and soap. bath cat in sink and will also get rid of eggs. watch fleas come right off cat or kitten. eggs are held on to fur by oil and dawn removes oil which removes eggs.

  6. Joey

    Because of how little it is, you shouldn’t use any chemicals. I recommend that you just take it a bath and while it’s still wet use a flea comb and pick off any that you see. And disinfect your house so that it doesn’t get any more.

  7. Chalice

    There is only one treatment that’s safe and effective for kittens under 8 weeks of age, and that’s Frontline spray. Get it from your vet. This stuff works, and can be used on puppies and kittens from 2 days of age.
    Don’t use anything from a pet store – you won’t find anything for kittens under 12 weeks anyway here, but pet store products should not even be used on adult animals.
    I wouldn’t bother bathing the kittens, because the fleas are in your environment by now – you need to spray your house – so if you only bath they kittens will get reinfested quite quickly. Combing is also fairly pointless, you’ll never get all the fleas, and you can’t remove the eggs this way, they’re microscopic!
    Please also get the mother cat spayed once this kitten is weaned!!!!!!

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  9. Bob

    Use a flea comb to rip off fleas and then use tape, medical is best for its white and easy to see fleas, and stick them and squish them so the cannot jump back on.

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