1. Jason S

    Clickers are a great way to train, but you MUST be consistent with it. you have to use it every time you train, or the puppy will be confused.
    The point of the clicker is to let the dog know the instant it has done something right, as often other rewards are too slow to give out and lead to confusion or longer training times.

  2. Bored.

    They can be very effective when used correctly. You should use it from a puppy, but I guess can also be used when it’s older. I was told and taught how to use one at puppy obedience classes, they are very useful in training. The idea is the click basically shows the dog that their behaviour is good and then they should be rewarded, be it by petting or treats. It is a pretty simple, easy way of training.

  3. Animal Artwork & the Lou

    It is a tool… like any other tool it has places where it is useful and places where it is not.
    You need to be coordinated to use it effectively- so you can time the click with the proper behavior. I am not that coordinated so.. I use a marker word. (I use “nice”) Other people use other markers.
    It is useful for training/shaping behaviors.
    It is NOT useful if your dog only works for you when you have the clicker/treat. It needs to be phased out or the “trick” lengthened and the rewards become intermittant.

  4. Save the Pits!

    Sure, it’s great for some dogs but not with others. I’ve used it before and just found that it makes things complicated (juggling the clicker, treats and leash and all). You do want to “mark” the behavior with a word that means “good” though I would not use good because you use it too much in everyday speaking. I use “yes!” You say it in a excited high pitched tone immediately after the dog does something you want then follow it with a treat. This makes it much faster to train because the behavior is “marked” so they know what exactly they did to make you so happy.

  5. Marna O

    As others have said, the clicker is a useful tool for training. But a tool does no good if a person does not know exactly how to use it. You should locate an EXCELLENT clicker trainer to teach you how.
    I don’t use clickers. I understand the general premise, but would not tackle trying to use one unless I took lessons. I also don’t like gadgets.
    I simply use a “reward” word and treats/play.
    I have had several agility students who have “clicker trained” their dog (’cause it’s the in thing) and I was not impressed. I could see they were inconsistent with their timing, hence the click only meant to them “come and get food”.

  6. vanessa

    Have you seen the one on that movie, “Fun with Dick and Jane”, with Jim carry,that was soo funny, they had the clicker , but it was messed up and shocked the dog, but he shut up, lol, then they went to rob a guy, and put it on his neck and when he tried to scream it shocked him…lol, funny, you gotta see it.

  7. Curtis M

    It’s effective but completely unnecessary. The clicker is to tell the dog he did right and that a treat is coming. Won’t a “Good boy/girl” do the same? I’ve never used a clicker in my life and “Good boy/girl” and a treat has always worked for me…

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