I have read a lot of people on here talking about “fleas coming in on your clothes” and giving your cat fleas. If this was such a problem wouldn’t everyone get fleas? Wouldn’t there be fleas in the stores and work places?


  1. glittery kitty kat

    i dunno but i know that fleas do eat animals and humans.i think u might be talkin about lice.

  2. Elaine M

    Fleas live on the grass outside, quite often. You can bring one in on your pants leg or on your shoe, but i’ts not all that much to worry about. If they do get on your cat a $10 dose of Advantage takes care of the problem.
    Summer is the time of fleas. I have had to treat our cats three times in ten years, and only two treatments in those summers. The packaging says it’s good for a month, but we found that it actually kept the fleas off for 2 1/2 months every time.

  3. Chalice

    This is not how fleas enter houses.
    Fleas enter houses through doors and windows, the same as any bug, animal or human. They enter when they sense a meal – i.e a cat or dog. This is why indoor cats and dogs should still be defleaed, they’re just as capable of getting fleas.
    There are different species of flea, the main being ctenocephalides felis (cat flea) ctenocephalides canis (dog flea) and pulex irritans (human flea). Cat and dog fleas are the ones people with pets have trouble with – they can live on both the cat and the dog, and while they do bite humans they don’t live on us (i.e lay eggs).
    You’re quite right – if cat and dog fleas travelled around on humans, they wouldn’t just be in places where there are cats and dogs, they would be everywhere!
    Fleas found in human dwellings where there aren’t, and haven’t been, any animals, are human fleas, a sign of really bad living conditions. Ick!!

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