So far he has managed to train me to throw the stick away every time he brings it to me


  1. rescue member

    Good start, now he needs to train you to bring his food, take him for walks, hold still while he sits on your lap, and, of course, clean up his poop.
    You live to serve – good boy!!!!

  2. Dog Trainer

    It is a lifelong process! Dogs can always teach us new things! The same goes for dogs. They can always be trained. Just remember that you are the alpha leader……

  3. jillybir

    A life time, he will never tire of showing you new tricks, he begs you get up out of a comfy chair to find a biscuit. He stands by the door and you get up to let him out or take him for a walk. He moves on the bed and you roll into a cold spot. The rewards are lots of soggy kisses a waggy tails.

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