I found this little kitten roaming around but im not sure how old he is, but he is loaded with fleas. Can someone help??


  1. janawidn

    Hi, I have worked for a vet practice for some time and we do alot of work for cat rescue groups. There is a pill available called “Capstar”. This pill will kill any living fleas on any cat over 2 pounds within about 40 minutes, and is perfectly safe for a cat at or above that weight. It only cost a couple of dollars, but has no residual effects. A product called “Revolution” is topical (applied to the skin) and can be given after the Capstar to a kitten as young as 5 weeks safely and VERY effectively. Revolution also controls many intestinal parasites (worms), ear mites, and heartworm disease. Please take your kitten to a Vet and ask about these products, they are safe and MUCH more effective than shampoos and pesicides. Good luck! You are doing a great thing!

  2. Valerie

    I would buy some Advantage from the vet and use a fourth of it. fleas are gross and cause worms.

  3. clrdanlo

    if you intend to keep it . bath it in warm water in flea shampoo and get it a flea collar ok

  4. farmgirl

    janawidner had the best answer. My pregnant cat got fleas so bad in late summer the doctor gave her a pill he said was safe for the unborn babies and it was cheap. Only last 24 hours but kill fleas immediatly. Call around maybe they would be willing to waive exam give you the pill so you don’t infest your house and take it back to the vet that did ya the favor as soon as possible to get the kitten healthy with vaccinations and revolution flea stuff that lasts all month. Saving an animal is an unselfish act of kindness that will be rewarded 10 fold! I think a kitten must be itleast 8 weeks old and I know of a couple of people who killed their kittens trying to de flea it with shampoos! Be careful!

  5. kitty86m

    Use a flea comb to gently remove the dirt and fleas from the fur.
    Ask your vet for a flea spray that is safe to use on young kittens, if you do not find a safe spray use the flea comb (always read the warnings)
    If you used a spray, then:
    Place the kitten on a towel for 20 minutes and discard the towel with the dead and dying fleas that have come off.
    After using a spray, you can give the kitten a bath in gentle soap (make sure water is lukewarm).
    Towel dry the kitten towel-dry it.

  6. vector4t

    Use a flea comb before using a chemical treatment.
    As gross as fleas are, I would try using te comb first. If the kitten is at least 8 weeks old, you can use a flea treatment like Advantage. This is a chemical placed behind the head to fill fleas for 1 month. It works great for adult cats.

  7. smatutwo

    Most kittens that are 12 weeks –you can use a flea spry on them if they are younger than that a spray or even flea shampoo might cause harm to the kitten or even kill him/he You first might want to try to see how old the kitten is then go form there if younger than 12 weeks take to the vet to get frontline or advantage for the kitten they do carry the proper products for kittens

  8. Bogusfro

    Products you can buy in the store say to wait until they’re three months, I think. I took my stray to the vet; she needed deworming and shots anyway. He threw in the kitten flea meds for free.

  9. t64btlfa

    baby kittens should not be treated for fleas at home take it to a vet and the vet will know exactly what to do to rid the cat of fleas and if you plan on keeping the kitten will tell you what shots etc to get for the cat

  10. rosie_ly

    Be very careful. I have heard of this making some cats sick. Call the vet, they have better stuff any way.

  11. Alina

    I would recommend you call a local veterinarian and see what they would tell you – the most reliable flea treatments are usually only sold through veterinary clinics anyways. A lot of it will depend on how old and how big the kitten is – which is exactly why I would recommend you call your veterinarian. You’ll probably want to get kitty a check-up anyway, especially if you found him feral.

  12. shasser2

    Please DO NOT use any over the counter remedies on a kitten that young. They are too strong and may harm it. I recommend taking him to the vet. They can give him a bath and use a flea comb. Generally, if they know it is a rescue, they will give you a discount if you ask for one.

  13. tiger_cl

    It denpends what kind of shampoo you’ll buy…
    Some anti-flea shampoos are designed for kittens. you should go to your pet store and ask the lady that works there ( they should know)or just ask the vet.

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