Yesterday I had an exterminator come in my apartment and treat the place for fleas left behind from the previous renters. I was working so I wasn’t home, and it was set up by my superintendent. so I wasn’t able to find out. It seems like not much has changed, maybe even worse. I must have been bitten at least 30 times since I discovered the buggers earlier this week!


  1. Lar

    would need to know what was used and how used before I could guess on what you might expect but in general… there are four stages of a flea infestation..egg, larva, pupa, adult (these are the biters) The majority of the population (50%-80% of the population) will be in the pupa stage protected from the treatment. Most pros will use products that have an IGR in them so after the initial treatment the exposed adults, larva and eggs should be affected. But the ones in the protected cocoon will soon to hatch out. If they get on the floor, if treated with a residual, or on the pet, if treated with Frontline / Advantage will die off rather quickly, but if you happen to be in the area where they are hatching they may jump on you and never be bothered by your treatment. Do vacuum daily until you are sick of your vacuum to help stimulate the emergence from the pupa stage..throw away your vacuum cleaner bag if you want, but “research” I have ever seen shows that the fleas won’t re-infest your home by crawling out of the vacuum. You may be looking at 10-14 days of bites.

  2. jean ann j

    Are you sure he was there?
    If he sprayed the adult fleas would be dead.
    The eggs usually hatch out later.
    If you have some foot powder or
    borax 20 mule team cleanser
    put that out.
    Then you have to vacuum a lot.
    I would make a bee line to the managers office.
    If you put some soapy water in a shallow container and place it under a night light during the night, a lot of them will go to the warmth of the light and hop into the water.

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