I`m getting a beagle in a few days, and I want to train it before i do anything. Does anyone know how much it costs to train a dog at Petco? What is the price range for them? I am getting a small 3 month old Beagle, does anyone know how much it costs? PLEASE HELP!


  1. Deanna S

    I’d recommend calling your local Petco and ask them. I just completed a class with PetsMart for $99 and it was awesome. However, I’d recommend you pick up the book “The Loved Dog”. It has some great info on training and it’s all with positive reinforcement. Great resource. I’ve trained several of our dogs and it’s always good to go through a class with a new puppy. Socialization for them and reinforcement for you.

  2. Lincecum

    oh gosh we just went there the other day, if it is a puppy i think its like 70 bucks but if its older than a puppy its 100 i think

  3. Jezebell

    Hi I’m Jezebelle a 13 week old puppy! Here is my site: http://www.dogster.com/dog/566248
    i was just there and it was $99.95 for a puppy six week course! A bit high if you ask me! but i heard it is EXTREMELY GOOD and if you think about it- it is only about 16.50 a week! but mommy says i need some training… i don’t know why, i think i perfect the way i am…………..
    i hope this helps!

  4. mimil27

    I believe here in Miami, it was $99 if you had the P.A.L.S card. Be careful though, when I was looking into it, they did not have an instructor or schedule of classes yet but they wanted me to pay upfront. I said no thanks. I now take him to the Humane Society puppy classes for free.

  5. swearnsu

    I think the puppy classes are around $60 to $80 and they are good for the puppy and the owner. You will learn a lot. It’s also good for your puppy to socialize with the other pups in class. At the end they have a little graduation ceremony, its fun.

  6. Bryer B

    I have had great luck doing it myself, just get a book and consistency is what make a well trained dog.

  7. Teresa V

    Before you go to Petco and do training there I would look around where you live and see if there are any other options. I am sure the dogs get some training at Petco but I have heard from a lot of people that they don’t do a very good job there and that the dogs that they brought there didn’t learn anything. I am sure that it depends on which petco you go to and who is running the program but it might be better if you found a trainer who trains dogs for a living and compared prices. Also just call Petco and ask them their prices because I think it depends if you go to a group class or if you want private training time.

  8. momzx5

    We tried PETCO’S dog training a couple years ago for $90.00 in Virginia. But it really wasn’t helpful for us at all. Our Jack Russle terrier mix ( from pound) was attacked as a puppy and suffered other dog aggression/ fear. Only Bark Busters addressed her problems- more exoensive but well worth it!!

  9. Frostie

    Hi..Guess what. I work at Petco and it’s 99.95 for a basic training class.I also know there is a socialization class for puppies where they can interact with each other and i’m not sure how much this costs.I usually work in the grooming salon as a pet stylist

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