1. Just the facts

    Doesn’t matter….a plugged nickel is too much for the absolute worst place on the planet ***&*** the pup is 3 months TOO YOUNG for any formal training!
    It doesn’t even have all it’s vacc’s yet!

  2. Hummer H1 Parts

    They usually have the price in the store. I know at the Petsmart in my town it costs $109 for the puppy class that is eight weeks long. If you don’t want to drive to the store just to look at the price you can call them, and ask. Hope I helped.

  3. WP Robot

    Firstly, a two month old puppy is 8 weeks old. That is too young for puppy classes, as the pup will not have had all of its vaccinations yet.
    Secondly: you need to call Petsmart to find the cost of their classes.

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