i have searched the pesmart website up and down but i cant find a price can you help?


  1. CC Lover

    Call up your local Petsmart. Here in NC it’s $109 for an 8 week class. So it will probably somewhere around that in your area.

  2. Sheba

    Where I live in Washington State it was $80 for an eight week class. This was for all classes Puppy, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Once you take a class keep your paper work because you can take that class again and again at no cost for the rest of the dogs life. I find that taking a class over is a good way to keep refreshed.

  3. Rescue & Foster Mom

    You will need to go to your local petsmart. They have flyers there.
    I live in the daytona beach area in FL and I htink the prices are $90 for each class except hte advanced training which is $109 for 8 weeks.

  4. corgi_pa

    Each location is different.
    I suggest looking into a private trainer. PetSmart just wants your money, they don’t care if your dog learns anything or not, and most of their trainers aren’t very good.

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