I’d like to know how much dog obedience training usually costs
Or even where I could personally learn how to train and influence my dog’s behaviors.
Thank you for helping


  1. Fearless

    obedience classes are usually five to six weeks in length , and cost between $ 125 dollars to $180. Look for a trainer that uses positive reinforce training methods in teaching dog training Private lesson may cost you as much as $50 per session , which last for one hour. Group less ions are usually one hour. The best time to start training a dog is when he/she is 6 months old. En roll your dog in puppy classes, and than in the beginning dog training class and than in the immediate and later on in the advance class . Each level takes 5 or 6 weeks to complete. Many dogs if they start early enough get to the immediate level when they are four months old. There are some basic dog training techniques like , food luring to get you dog to focus on you that you can do on your own. If you find a dog training class in your area , you can go there and ask the trainer if you can sit -in on one of his/her classes to see if it fits your needs This will give you a chance to evaluate the class , ask questions, and do not be shy about asking the trainer about his/her experience and references. Good luck

  2. Nancy M

    I take my gsd to obedience training, and it costs $85. for ten classes. There are usually eight to a class and they have been great. We have learned a lot, and you need to be trained with the dog. It also helps with a group situation for your dog to socialize.

  3. cathy c

    Of course it varies from location to location. But it seems like most group classes that last anywhere from 6-8 weeks for basic obedience cost about $100. Group classes are probably the best place to start for learning how to train your dog. (I still attend group classes for everything from obedience for shy dogs to agility and freestyle – I learn much more in a group setting than I ever could on my own)

  4. no qf

    There are several good books/videos on the market but if this is a first for you then I would suggest basic training classes at least. It is good bonding for you and your puppy in addition to getting a good start on basic training methods that you can expand on later by yourself and is usually $100 or less – check with your local Petsmart

  5. Dr. Quackenbush

    commerical operations are out to make money and charge over 100 for 6 weeks, check to see if the local kennel club offers classes, it isn’t a business for them so they aren’t trying to make $

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