The one-hour class will be taught inside business which offers large roaming pasture. I want to teach PRIVATE lessons as well, but can decide how much more to charge.
**Puppy Kindergarten
-Basic tricks
-Proper leash/harness training.
-House breaking advice
-Group socializing with people and other animals
-Will take emails and calls 24/7 for assistance.
I’m thinking about having a little “graduation” after the six-week class. Rosette will be given to the puppy who has shown the most improvement.


  1. Cindy F

    You haven’t told us anything about your background and experience. Have you titled multiple dogs and multiple breeds to higher level obedience (a minimum of CDX but UD or OTCH would be much better), have experience teach others to train their dogs? If not honestly I’m not sure that you have the skills and background to think about charging people for training since odds are you don’t have the experience to know how to handle the dog who doesn’t fit into the standard mold that you are used to and very well could end up causing more problems than to solve.

  2. sun_and_

    I would call around to other training places and ask how much they charge-act like a customer of course-and then go down just a bit from their prices. When you advertise make sure to list your accreditation and if possible a friend or two as a refrence-it will make people feel more comfortable in taking the classes. Good luck:>)

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