Im thinking of getting a dog.


  1. Pom♥Mom Spay & Neuter!! Ni4Ni

    Goldengal and Kate M are right. It just takes a few minutes every day for a couple of days. In fact, if you do 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening, he should know that day.
    The most complicated thing I taught my dog was to roll over and that only took 2 days, 15 minutes a day. They learn fast!
    Just be sure that when your dog knows the command, USE IT! If you don’t use the command after they learn it, they’ll forget it. I make mine do tricks several times a week just to make sure she don’t forget. It makes her happy because she knows she gets a treat for dong her tricks and it entertains me! ☺

  2. sonfai81

    Depends on the breed and intelligence. It should only take a few days for the light bulb to switch on though. Get some treats in your hand, then repeat the word ‘sit’ to your dog. You might want to push his butt down lightly to help him get the idea. As soon as his butt hits the floor, quickly give him the treat to let him know that’s what you wanted. Keep repeating that but don’t keep him in ‘school’ for more than 15 minutes at a time or he’ll get bored and lose interest. And don’t ever give him a treat until he does what you want him to. Otherwise he’ll get confused.

  3. corsca09

    It will depend on how old the dog is and the dogs personality (younger dogs pick up new tricks quicker and some dogs are more eager to please than others). When you are teaching a new trick you don’t want to spend a long time teaching it because your dog will lose interest. So rather then intense hour long training sessions just try short burst of training and treats. If you have a petsmart around they offer great training classes once a week and help teach you how to teach him. Good Luck!

  4. Wordpress Autoblogging Software

    Every dog is different. Two session of 10-15 mins a day is enough for any type of training as they lose interest quickly. Take ten mins to show him, then everytime you want him to sit or give him food, make him sit first – he’ll learn really quickly!!!

  5. web security

    You only need approx 5 5 minutes sessions to make your dog obey. Here is how to do it, Introduction
    Use patience, encouragement and treats to teach your dog one of the most basic of all commands, “Sit.”
    Difficulty: Easy
    Step One
    Stand in front of your dog.
    Step Two
    Hold a treat right near your pet’s nose, just out of his or her reach.
    Step Three
    Slowly move the treat over your pup’s head and toward his or her tail.
    Step Four
    Say your dog’s name, and give the command “Sit.”
    Step Five
    Keep the treat at nose level. If the treat is held too high, the dog will jump.
    Step Six
    Say the word “good” at the exact second the dog sits.
    Step Seven
    Praise abundantly and give your pet a treat for any movement that resembles the sit position.
    Step Eight
    Release your pet from the sit position with the “release” or “free” command.
    Step Nine
    Repeat for 5 minutes.

  6. ♥Golden gal♥

    Pups or even adult dogs pick the command sit very quickly. Especially if their is a treat involved for doing it correctly.
    Usually 10 minutes a day for as little as 2 days will give you the results your looking for.

  7. koehlerdogtraining ©

    Hi James,
    I’ll bet any puppy you acquire will already know how to sit, the useful trick is in teaching it to sit on command.
    Go to the library and check out a book titled: the “Art of Raising a Puppy.” It is written by the Monks of New Skete. You will find almost everything you need to know about the first year of your pup’s life with you in that one book.
    Following its advice will serve you and your pup and many pups to come.

  8. Laura

    Not so much but you have to constantly remind the dog that you are in control, not the other way around.
    Teaching your dog to sit is very easy if you know how:
    Step One: Say, “Puppy, sit” and waggle a food lure in front of his/her nose.
    Step Two: Slowly raise the food upwards. As your puppy looks up at the food, he/she will sit down.
    Step Three: Praise your puppy and say something like, “Good sit!” and give the food as a reward.
    Good Luck!

  9. tom l

    The key is to remember that dogs have an extremely short attention span. So three or four repetitions of one command at one time will get better results than twenty. To many repetitions is considered “nagging” and will result in a poor training attitude.
    While it only takes about two days for a dog to learn the desired action, it needs to be repeated every day for about 28 days in order to permanently imprint an association of a word (command) to the action.

  10. Kate T.

    at least a ten minute session twice a day and teach him other things after he has accomplished that . good luck .

  11. pebblesp

    It really depends on the dog.. It took our dog about 15 min or so of training to get her to sit.. She has her smart moments..Stay we are still working on she’s almost 4 !! I would research dog breeds and go from there…

  12. acacia t

    it just depends on the kind of dog you get. i have got a blue heeler and it took him a day to learn. i worked with him on and off though but he got it in one day!

  13. Kelly

    it doesnt take long if you know how to do it……just push down on their behind, and say sit if they dont say NO then say sit again then try it without oushing took me a day to teach my dog

  14. Go Spurs Go

    Sit is easy, depending on the dog you get, he will probably pick up sit within a few days. If you get a very young puppy, practice basic obedience twice a day, for about 10-15 minutes. If you get an older dog, practice twice a day, for up to 20 minutes.

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