I have a 5 1/2 month old red bone hound and i want to train her to be a coon hunting dog. i need to know if she is ready to be trained and if anyone knows a good website that explains how i should train her and what i will need.


  1. Coop

    I start training dogs as soon as I can if I could I would start at 3 weeks of age. Now I am not talking about training to hunt but puppies are sponges and can learn incredible amounts of things and the more they learn the faster they learn new things. Too bad you missed all the early training time.

  2. DogLover

    She old enough i believe if the dog can walk it can be trained just take it slow be patient and practice with the dog as much as possible.

  3. Steve E

    It should have been introduced to quarry by now!!
    Drag line…..scent dragged on ground to tree & UP! W/CAGED coon!!
    Contact your local COONHUNTERS CLUB!!! There are HUNDREDS of EM!!!
    Go to ukcdogs.com for LISTINGS!!!
    Have fun…it’s a BLAST!!!
    I don’t have hounds(I do terriers!) but we took ***5*** coon out of a barn last week!!!

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