Our dog is scheduled to be neutered on the fifth of June. We’ll be getting another puppy in about two months, and we’d like our dog to begin attending his third training class before the puppy’s arrival for additional socialization.
Obviously we’ll be getting specific info from the vet on this subject, but I’m just impatient and curious. How long will it probably take him to recuperate from the procedure, enough that he can attend a weekly class with other dogs?


  1. ♥Wifey♥

    As soon as he has the last check up from his vet and they say so. When they get spayed or neutered they have to see the vet after so many days I think to check the healing and everything, you can ask then. As long as he is fully healed, it should be fine.

  2. Kate M

    I would wait at least a week after the neuter. This gives him time to heal. Even though he will be back to his normal self in a few days, it takes longer for the sutures to heal. I would still not allow him to play too much as the sutures could still open. Basically, keep him on a leash and not let him run around a lot with other dogs. At about 2 weeks, he should be able to do his normal stuff. If he is getting neutered on June 5th, wait until about the 15th for him to be ready to romp and play with other dogs. You can so leashed walks and not as hard play around the 10th of June.

  3. kate

    You should wait at least for a week after being neutered.
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  4. alexxSPA

    Neutering a male dog is a much less invasive procedure than spaying a female. It would be best to wait a few days so the stitches have a little bit of time to help the incision heal, and reduce your dog’s risk of minor infection or irritation, but other than that as long as your dog is acting like himself and seems to be recovering, he should be alright. Just be sure to watch him, as a small number of animals will chew at the area and attempt to pull out the stitches. If this happens, contact your vet immediately.
    As long as he is doing well, there should be no problem. It may help to let the trainer know he has just had a surgery so they can help you be sure that if there is some playtime for the pups, you can both look out for him in case things get a little rough, though that shouldn’t happen somewhere the dogs are learning how to behave. 🙂

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