OK we have been bombing and spraying lemon juice (lemon juice seems to be working better than the bombs). Anything else I can do to help break the life cycle and get RID of these fleas w/o hiring a service? We have been vaccuuming twice a day as well.


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    There’s a detergent called Borax. If you spread it on your carpet it get rid of them pretty effectively. Don’t vaccum right away, it defeats the purpose. Let it set for a couple days. Vaccum, and reapply. Be careful with liquid. You know what soap and water does. And it’s hard to get out of carpet.

  2. as_im_fa

    I was using Raid’s flea and tick killer, which also kills flea eggs, and it worked great. You just spray it around the perimeters of each room and it does the job. You should also make your dog or cat is using Frontline, which is the best flea and tick killer you can put on your pet.

  3. farmerwo

    We have used raid flea and tick spray and you have to take your animals out of the house for a while while spraying we spray close up the house take off for a while come back to open windows and do not come back into the house for a bit and we treat the dog or cat with advantage or something like it then every time we vacuum i spray some raid in the vacuum and shut it off and seal the end with a baggie wrapped around the nozzle. and if you want to get flea collars take some of the extra and cut in multiple pieces and put them in your cushions or vacuum and whatever. this works for us and also wash all bedding the animal has been in contact with and pillows well and dry in the dryer if possible.

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    You may have to bomb every tow weeks to break the cycle and after vaccuming make sure you empty the bag outside or the fleas will escape. Make sure you treat your pets too. If they are that bad and all that don’t work you may have to treat the yard also.

  5. Dogzilla

    Fleas take about 2 weeks to go through their complete life cycle. So, you’ve got to treat them for that long.
    I found that spraying the carpet, rugs, and upholstered stuff with a solution will work best….much better than those bombs.
    3/4 oz of malithion and 1oz of liquid Sevin per gallon of water. Use a pump sprayer, and spray the fabric surfaces (this is where they breed) enough to dampen them. This is going to stink reall bad, so plan on being out of the house for 4 hours afterwards. Repeat this at 2 weeks….VERY important.
    The solution will not hurt the fabric…will not stain. It WILL the fleas and their larvae. It will not kill the eggs, that’s why you need to spray again at 2 weeks. I’ve done this and it really does work.

  6. Hawaii80

    Unless you are throwing out the vaccum bag or emptying our the bagless container directly into the outside trash can there is no sense in vaccuming that often. Vaccumes are not airtight so any flea sucked in can crawl right back out. If you have a pet apply a topical flea medication to aid in breaking the cycle. Good luck.

  7. flower

    The pet store has bombs that really work. Ask your local pet store for the best bomb. May have to set off more than one and repeat the treatment.

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