I have a min pin and I have tried washing her in flea soap and a flea collar yet they still attack her. I gave a bath last nite and quite a few fleas came off. anyone know of what is the best thing for fleas from your past experience?



  1. Dare2create Motivational Videos

    there may be fleas in your home at this point, where she sleeps, etc. Wash her sleeping pad (or where ever she sleeps) with HOT water and get spray to rid any areas she habitates. The vet visit would be good too, they have great tips on how to control the infestation.
    also (learned this the hard way) make sure that you ‘stretch’ the flea collar to activate the pesticide…. it releases the powder… we didnt do that to the first one we put on our pup! LOL

  2. saaanen

    Go to your local pet shop and pick up Advantage or Front Line. It goes between the shoulders. The fleas are gone, and there is no treatment of the house required.

  3. arich

    is a min pin a dog? Take whatever we are talking about to a professional dog groomer- they got the powerful flea dips . . . and keep this thing inside. Fleas come from outdoors, mainly squirrels. . .
    haha- I am an idiot. A MINIATURE DOBERMAN PINSCHER!!

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