My 4 month old puggle has fleas, I treated her with a flea treatment today. Is there anything else I can do,and how long should it take for the treatment to kill her fleas? She is having trouble eating, and I am really worried.



  1. Sarah H

    First, take this pup to the vet immediately. Puppies are born anemic/hypoglycemic and fleas just add to the problem. When you take her to the vet, have her professionally dipped and get some good product on her for fleas/ticks/mosquitos. While she’s there, treat your house and your yard for fleas, because they’ll be in your carpet and on your grass outside. Take any other pets you have to be dipped as well.

  2. crystal s

    Take the her to the vet, A puppy has to be so old befor they will do a flea treatment, Also do you have carpet? fleas hide in carpet, Did you know that hummes can get bit by fleas, they could be all over you house, kinda like lice.

  3. odafintu

    My 4 month old puppy has had fleas really bad too, we gave him a flea bath with Adams flea and tick shampoo, applied Frontline, which actually worked for 3 weeks, then started giving him 1 Capstar tablet every other day, when you give him one of these tablets, it starts working in 20-30 minutes, and you can actually watch the fleas come to the surface of the fur and drop dead then fall off. Capstar is available at your Vets office.

  4. lilrnblo

    Go to your vet and get Advantix. You are going to have to clean everything in your house and yard and buy spray from the pet supply store to spray furniture, floors, etc. Vacuuming helps alot. Fleas eggs can survive in your house even if you treat the puppy, and grow into fleas. You can also bathe her in itchrelief shampoo to soothe her. If she is having trouble eating I would call a vet and see what (s)he has to say. K9 advantix takes less than a day to kill all the fleas on your dog. But it can kill cats so don’t use it if you have a cat.

  5. yeah well

    frontline or advantage
    you can only buy from a vet
    reason, supermarkets arent allowed to sell strong stuff
    if there r lots of fleas, pup can die from blood loss
    i have seen this happen, but mostly in kittens, and yes i mean death

  6. rdnkchic

    Unfortunately, this may not result in you getting rid of the fleas. We got a new puppy about 4 months ago and our other dog never had a problem with fleas before. When we got the puppy he had fleas but we couldnt treat them because he was too young for most medicines. Now that he’s older we’ve tried twice now to put drops on both dogs and given them the pills that are supposed to kill the fleas within 3 hours. We sprayed all the carpets and linens in the house for fleas and put poison in the yard and watered it in. Then we vaccumed up the dead fleas or what we could and changed bed linens and anything else we could think of. I even sprayed his stuffed bunny. They were better for a few days but they both still have a few fleas. I guess we will continue the entire process again and again until they’re gone. But hopefully you can spray and poison the yard and vacuum and you’ll be good.

  7. lisa j

    Must agree with a few of the answers here.
    Frontline is great i use it on my dogs on a regular basis.You can buy this from your local vet and also theres a flea treatment there that can also treat your home and dog in one.
    You should bathe her in flea shampoo and please take her to the vet – where fleas are, worms are sure to follow.
    Fleas and worms are very life threatening for young dogs. Best be safe than sorry.
    Good luck and please let us all know how she is.

  8. Fetch 11 Humane Society

    The flea dip she received should have killed most of the fleas within the first 30 minutes. But that’s only the fleas on her body… You will also have fleas around your house, if your dog has them.
    “Bug bomb” any room the dog has been in to kill the fleas in the carpet, furnishings and wall boards.
    You should also use a “flea comb” on your dog. Her hair is short enough so it should be easy to find any fleas. Pull them off with the comb and crush them between your fingernails until you hear them “pop”. If you simply remove them and flick them away, they’ll come right back.
    Her eating problem may be related to the poison in the flea treatment. Some dogs do not tollerate it well; especially little guys. Watch her for other symptoms such as lethargy (tired all the time), vomiting, diarrhea and fever. These can be inidcations that the treatment was too “strong” and she may need anti-toxin intervention. Keep her hydrated (lots of water) to help her body flush out the poisons.
    Once you’ve got her feeling better and the fleas are under control, set her up on Advatage or other flea-rid medication. We use a Hartz brand formula on our dogs. It’s much cheaper than the prescription brands, seems to work just as well on our dogs as the more expensive ones, and it smells really nice.
    Good luck!

  9. Sarah B

    well sounds like mroe than fleas. You should get her wormed to. IFf she ingested any of the eggs, she could be infested internally as well. Flea treatment is good, try a flea bath? You may have to do a couple rounds to get them for good. Also make sure you didn’t get a small infestation in your home. She could get a reinfestation that way too.

  10. herbie73

    my suggestion is to take it to the vets your dog might be getting sick because of the flea medicine, it might be to strong for as little as he is.

  11. Ex Head

    The VET ASAP, now, right away, quickly, and at once. AND find out WHERE DID the puppy GET the fleas anyway to be that bad a case. PLEASE help this Puppy.

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