My cat got pregnant and had 4 kittens (she is getting fixed as soon as they are weaned) They all have fleas not a whole bunch but some. They were born on august 2nd so that makes them a little over 3 weeks old. i know flea treatments and shampoos are not good for them but What can i do? I know fleas are not safe. Can Mama Cat have a treatment and bath? Will it be safe for the kittens if so? Im not going to rush them to the vet though.


  1. west_xyl

    the best (and cheapest) thing to due is to GENTLY bathe them with ivory or dove dish soap (maybe a pea sized amount per kitten diluted with water.) this will kill the exsisting fleas. DO NOT use any flea sprays or medicine around them. if the problem persists, call your vet and ask what you can do to control the problem and to keep the kittens from getting sick.

  2. Neener

    this can be a really tough sitch…because alot of treatments say you shouldn’t use them on kittens. or on nursing mothers. however. if nothing is done, the kittens can and will die from Anemia. [a good way to check to see if the kittens are anemic is to open their mouths and check the color of their tongues…Reddish pink= good. light pink-white= BAD….especially if they are white. that is a very very very bad sign]

  3. Embee

    you could buy a flea comb and that will take some of the fleas away its hard to say because you dont want to hurt the kittens!

  4. ellie may

    Im not exacly sure what to use but i know you should not use a flea collar they are harmful. or hartz products for fleas it has killed cats 🙁
    Just wanted to give you a heads up.
    Good luck getting rid of the fleas.

  5. dewalt_g

    When I get a young kitten and can’t use the normal flea stuff on them, I always just sit down w/ a bucket of hot water and start picking them off one by one… it’s the only thing I’ve found to do..

  6. rebeandp

    Just bath the kittens and the mom separate with shampoo, then blow dry them and comb out their fur.

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