Our home is invested with fleas and we want the gone for the dog’s and our own sake. We have eight birds (cocketiels, parakeets, finches). How can we get rid of the fleas without harming the birds or ourselves? We don’t have a lot of money right now so something that’s not too expensive.


  1. Yogi T

    You have to get rid of the fleas on the dogs too. Get something like Advantage which works wonders to get rid of fleas. Don’t get that cheap crap from the pet store. Many dogs are allergic to it. Also get safe spray from the vet. . It may seem expensive but it it works and flea spray from the pet store is expensive also and doesn’t work.An adult flea can lay several hundred eggs a day. I have 2 dogs and 4 cats and I don’t have any fleas in the house at all.There is no cheap way to get rid of fleas. . Also Vacuum daily.Vacuum up a little Sevin in the vac bag so the eggs won’t hatch in there.Good Luck.

  2. Glorified Malcontent

    Once you have a full-out flea infestation, you need to get an exterminator to de-flea. Flip through the yellow pages and call around for prices, but if you skimp on it now and don’t get every last one of them and their eggs, they’ll come right back in full force and you’ll lose a lot of money by putting it off. For extermination, you might need to remove all the animals from the house, as well as their food, to be on the safe side and keep chemicals out of their systems.

  3. Missy ~

    when i got fleas i went to the vet’s and got a flea spray. it’s perfectly harmless for people and animals, you mix it with water and spray all over the house, rugs, blankets, furniture, clothes, whatever you want and you’re free the next day.
    i’m sure you can get flea spray at any pet shop. it was really cheap.

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