My 9 week old pomeranian has fleas, which I’m positive she got from our other dog who has them. They are probably in the carpet, and couches of our house. How, do you kill fleas in the home?
She’s too young for flea shampoo, and I can’t afford Frontline, our other dog is on it now though. So, how can I get rid of these fleas??
How much is too much to be giving her a bath?
Does salt water, like the ocean kill the fleas?
Lemon water? Lemon detergent?
Should I just get a flea comb?
Anyone have any techniques that worked for them?
Thank you!



  1. Kiki1984

    It sounds like you have a pretty bad infestation and you need to get your house treated by a professional. You can find other spot-on flea and tick repellents/killers to use on dogs that work just as well as frontline. I use BIOSpot and it works great. I paid around $17.00 for 3 treatments at my local farm/pet store. Just stay away from the Hartz brand from Wal-mart..I don’t reccommend them. Consult your vet/dealer on treatments appropriate for your dogs age. You are best to get the dogs on the same regular treatment schedule, and your house may require several ‘bombings’ to fully get rid of the infestation.
    BTW….flea collars do NOT work when you already have infestation in your home. They will not kill whats already living there.

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    We use frontline and they’re very expensive. I just like to get a flea comb . Pets love them and you can to because they’re be less fleas. By the way never wear white socks in your house either because fleas are attracked to them and wear bug spray if you get bitten by them.

  3. Owning Dogs .com

    First step is to remove the pests from the animal. You really need to get the dog on a prevention product like K-9 Andvantix. Fleas carry tape worms and will infect your dog with worms too!
    For a 9 week old – I would wash the dog with a natural product shampoo made from Neem. Which is an extract from a tree that has no known bugs/diseases/etc. It naturally kills bugs. Yes – get a flea comb too!
    After the animal has been rid of fleas (all the animals) – then I would bomb the house. I would recommend starting a Saturday with ridding the animals of the fleas, then take them with you and bomb the house while you are out for about 6 hours.
    Then when you get back treat the lawn with a Spectrcide to kill fleas in the grass.
    You will probably need to repeat every week for about 4 weeks to completely get rid of the problem.
    In the long run it is WAY more expensive to fix this problem than preventing it in the first place. Maybe selling some of your stuff, getting rid of cable, or the cell phone to pay for the proper care of the animal would be helpful. It only runs about $15-$20 per month per animal.

  4. Reena S

    The safest and cheapest method of getting rid of fleas is to use a mixture of boric acid and salt. The powder should be sprayed on carpets, bedding and areas frequented by pets. More information on getting rid of fleas is available at

  5. Koi wa a la mode a flee collor.
    2.give your dog a bath(you dont need flee shampoo)
    3.put flee collor on th dog.
    my pomeranian is 16 so have fun with yours while it’s still young!

  6. ncpinkla

    If the dog is 9 weeks old you can use shampoo for puppies. You can buy it at wal mart or other stores of the same. If your other dog has fleas then the frontline is NOT working and if the fleas are in your carpet and furniture, the it needs to be sprayed by a professional. My dogs got them after I bought a kitten in that I thought I had all the fleas off, but I didnt and I tell you it didnt take long for them to be everywhere. They were biting my 8 year old stepson on his feet and ankles and we thought they were mosquitos but they were fleas and I tried everything before finally having to call a pro in and before I let the animals back in the house. I got a pill for each animal at my vets office that kills fleas on the animal in just a few hours. It worked and I havent had no rpoblems again so far. I use Bio-spot on my dogs and havent had no problems . I take my dogs to the river and they run thru the woods there and no problem. Hope this helps

  7. goddess_

    You should probably get a flea collar or comb and brush her everyday. Or good idea, id to give her a bath.

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