My cat has fleas he is an indoor cat that I took in a month ago… I have 3 small children and I want to know if there are any child/pet friendly methods to kill the fleas..



  1. swarovski rhinestones

    Hello I am not the greatest when it comes to cats. However I do work with them at the vet clinic. The Doctor I work with uses Frontline, however I think Advantage is just as good. I see everyone telling you to bath your cat with this that and other things let me give you some advice be VERY careful with all of that stuff. I have seen cats and dogs come into our office many of times because the owners tried there own little remedy that this person or that person told them to try and now the animal has a skin infection or allergy to what ever they tried to used to get rid of the fleas. It costs a little more to use Frontline or Advantage but in the long run it will save you a bunch of $$$$$…
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  2. GFunk

    We had a flea problem with our cat, and we used advantage. It is slightly expensive, (like 80 bucks for 6 months on 1 cat) but it completely killed the fleas.
    As long as you let it dry on the cat before you let your children play with it, it should be fine. The instructions say not to let the cats lick each other until it is dry, so I would assume the same would go for children. =D

  3. Christi C

    somebody asked a farmer that what he did to get rid of fleas on his cow and he answered that he gave a dose of tincture of iodine to his cow. The fellow who asked went home and administered the recommended medicine. His cow died. He ran to the farmer and told him what has happened. The farmer told him that exactly same had happened to his cow also and his cow was dead after the dose of the medicine.
    Half answars may kill the cat instead of the fleas, go to veterinary doctor.

  4. Bhalchandra T

    No off-brands or wal-mart specials. Get frontline or revolution from the vet. Just apply the topical in the evening, after the children have gone to bed, it will dry overnight and once it is dry it’s okay for the children to pet the cat again. SInce the cat is indoors, you should also check with the vet, or local home improvement store about what product is safest to treat the house. If you don’t kill the fleas in the environment, then they will continue to hatch and grow in the carpets, bedding, furniture, etc and you will still have a problem. Best wishes.

  5. Answers

    i use Frontline it kills the egg and all the fleas in the house and it wont hurt your children it cost a little bit of money but its worth it the cheep brands don’t work as well
    Dawn does work too but it doesn’t kill all the fleas

  6. mommy to Dayton & Anthony

    Frontline is the best! Whatever you do, DON’T get any of the cheap brands of flea medicines!!!


    store bought flea meds dont work! got to the vet. then flea bomb the house, it may take a couple of trys with that, but they should die off, get frontline, it kills the fleas and the eggs. fleas cant live on humans, just animals, so once your cat is protected with the frontline they will die off for good.

  8. staceyth

    to kill fleas is easy just get a basin of water a scrub and a anti-flea powder
    1)First let your cat in the basin of water.
    2)Put anti-flea powder.
    3)Scrub your cat.

  9. JustNoth

    the first thing is, you can use the anti-flea powder. but i usually use my hand to kill it. here are the steps:
    1) see weather there are any flea on your cat
    2)if there are, take ur left-hand thumb to make the flea stop moving
    3) take your right-hand thumb and break the flea into half. but you must hear the ‘click’ sound.
    and here it goes… oopps… i mean die ready!

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