My dog died a month ago and he left his fleas. They’re everywhere; in beds, on us, in the kitchen and moreover, they are bitting my brother and I and we’re desperate to get rid of them. We have so many bite marks and need a solution as how to exterminate them from our house? Thank you.


  1. archaeol

    You can by carpet powder call “Rug Patrol” which you sprinkle on and leave for a while, this gets rid of them from in them. Do all the carpets in the house, especialy in the edges and corners this is where they breed the most.You can buy other products that you can put on furniture, enquire at your pet stores.

  2. Wicked Wanda

    Buy some borax and table salt.
    Sprinkle over the carpeting and rugs in your house and allow it to sit for 24 hours.
    The adult fleas will eventually die and the larvae will be dead from eating the salt/borax mixture so no more fleas.
    Unless you want to pay hundreds of dollars for an exterminator that may not get rid of them.

  3. macoroni and melons

    I’m sorry about the loss of your dog. I also am very sad that you let your dog have all these fleas on him, think how miserable he probably was! Think about how one flea bite hurts, and then think of the poor dog with all the fleas. Call an exterminator from the yellow pages and that should do the trick.

  4. Lily H

    in the UK you just got to the vet that used to treat your dog, they will be able to sell you a spray that you treat the house with. the spray will treat an average sized 3 bedroomed house and costs about £25. very, very good stuff – used it before and it works a treat.

  5. Knob

    Get a new dog, the fleas will go onto the new dog.
    failing that call pest control, who will spray the house, but you will probably have to stay in a hotel for a few days

  6. mildepip

    Buy and use several flea bombs – also if this were Wintertime (northern hemisphere) you can open all the windows for a few hours they don’t like that.

  7. brooker8

    Call a pest control company. You will have to have your whole home treated. The eggs can lie dormant in your house for months and keep the cycle going.

  8. Ann

    very good question.. my friend actually had fleas all over their house.. so they got these flea bombs that just wiped out all the fleas.. hope this helps

  9. 5 days untill Christmas! (:

    aw. im sorry : (
    you can buy ‘flea bombs’
    they are like smoke bombs that get rid of fleas.
    they are about $6 for 4

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