Our dogs have fleas and it’s basically all over the house! What can I do with clothing? If I wash it in hot water will it be enough? also, how to kill these transparent blonde color fleas on old books?


  1. datboyna

    Getting rid of fleas can be an ongoing problem. I work at an animal hospital and depending on the environment, this is a pretty common problem. Adult fleas that you can physically see only make up about 5% of the flea population in your environment. The other 95%, which you cannot see, is pupae, larvae, and eggs. As the person before said, you can purchase a flea bomb but these can sometimes be harmful to your pets. I recommend a product called Fleabusters. It is a powder that you need to sprinkle and then sweep into any carpet, furniture, and hard services and finally vacuum up. On top of that, use a name brand flea product, not the stuff you get from the grocery store. I prefer Frontline Plus or Advantage. This is a monthly topical that you put on your pet, but if your having an ongoing flea problem, use your topical every 3 weeks. Frontline and Advantage are both very safe products. Unfortunatly as I said before, topicals are only effective against 5% of your flea population.So, if you are using a monthly heartworm preventative such as Heartgard, consider switching to a different heartworm preventative called Sentinel which also has a “flea birth control” drug in it called Lufenuron. If you use this in addition to your topical, you are hitting the flea life cycle at many different points. If you have just purchased a large supply of another heartworm preventative, you can purchase just the Lufenuron in a product called Program. A final product that may help you is called Capstar. This is a single pill that kills all of the adult fleas on your pets within an hour. Although this sounds good, Capstar is only effective for about 24-48 hours. So, if you have a bad flea infestation, the 95% of the population (pupae, larvae, eggs) are just going to continue developing and reinfesting your pets. Capstar on an infestation scale is only good for temporary relief for your pets. The only other advise I can give you is constantly wash your dogs bedding and any other things you can around the house. Also, consider having your yard treated professionally. Hope this helps.

  2. stahlcyn

    You can find this in any grocery store —BORAX laundry detergent as it is biodegradable.I put some in one of the sugar shakes at restaurants
    First I do the back yard then front,then the carpet in bedroom as this is where our dog stays alot. He gets a bath and flea dip every month along with flea collar. Oh vacuum after 1 hr.put 1 moth ball in vacuum bags this will really kill the throw away bag when your done. Works for me and neighbors complain as they have 4 dogs and always ask if we are having a problem.NOPE
    Good Luck

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