I have a kitty who got fleas from staying at a friends house while we were on vacation. I’ve given him medicine and I’ve fogged the house. However, two days later I found a small flea on my kitty and a couple where he slept on the couch. How can I get rid of fleas permenatly? Any suggestions on methods other then those with chemicals?


  1. wvgal

    this worked for me and I had fleas out the yin-yang I went to my local health food store and bought eucalyptus oil mixed 1 part oil to 2 parts water in a spray bottle and sprayed it around the place safe for cats but fleas seem to hate it kept spraying twice a day until fleas moved out

  2. moosenos

    treat your yard, my dogs dont have fleas and we dont give them any oral meds, we just treat the yard, go to your hardware store and ask them whats the best to use

  3. guide

    find some cockle burrs. cut the green plants and place some of them under the house (if possible) and inside house.

  4. LavishFa

    Fog the house- one fogger in each room!!!! comb her with the flea brush, use flea shampoo and do it. Put on the flea guard necklace (be sure to wtch if she develops a rash my cat did, use it until you feel confident about no fleas) put the flea gel on her neck that you can get from the pet store… there is no other way I had 3 cats and 2 dogs with fleas so I know!

  5. Bycio B

    I just brought home a kitten COVERED in fleas from the shelter- I mean my mom alone caught and killed over 300 in a sitting with her mad flea-catching skills.
    I resorted to driving to my local vet and shelling out cash for frontline, which is the best for fleas, in my experience. It’s costly, but it WORKS. Back home, I gave him a bath and shampooed him, dried him, and Frontline-ed him. A day later I couldn’t find a single flea on him. But don’t forget about flea eggs!
    I had him in my room only, so as soon as I finished washing him, I put him in the bathroom and vaccuumed my room, and threw my sheets and bedding in the washer.
    So make sure you wash all your bedding/ anything your cat sits on/ sleeps on. Fleas in the carpet is a toughie… but I’d say Frontline and hardcore cleaning.

  6. miso1cat

    Even if you killed the living fleas they left behind eggs that hatched. You will have to repeat the process until they are gone. You should spray the yard too. You can get flea spray for a pest control company that might be more effective to get the eggs too. But be careful bcz it is a stronger chemical. You might get some advantage if the kitty is old enough. Ask the Vet before you give any flea spray or dip to your kitty.

  7. →»€£ Çhî©Θ«←

    actually yoou ca not get rid of fleas sucks i know but lucky for me fles dont like to bite cuz i got 2 dogs and 2 cats i have never been bitten and i swear this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. maxomous

    There IS a way to completely eliminate those pesky blood-suckers without the use of chemicals that can be harmful to you and your cat.
    I once read that Raising the temeperature in your home to 90º F for a couple of days will kill all adult flease and their Larva.
    Try it, its completely harmless. Cats are confortable in temperatures reaching as high as 125º. So, dont worry about that. But be sure to have lots of cool water for him and yourself.

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