My kitten is going to be an indoor cat, so there is a lower risk of it getting fleas, but of course it will still have a possibility of getting fleas, so how do i prevent it or if my kitten does get fleas, how do i get rid of them?


  1. ♥ Animal Luvr ♥

    Well, I’ve had my cats for 4 years and they have never gotten fleas. If you have a dog in the house though, it will be a good possibility of it happening. Anyways, once your cat is a few months old (should be at least 4 months before giving flea treatment if not older) you can get Advantage or Frontline for her. I prefer Frontline. You just put it on the top of their back/lower neck and your cat will be in good shape for a couple months 🙂 If a flea bites your cat, it will instantly die and stop the problems before they can start.

  2. grinninh

    Prevention is key.
    Advantage Multi or Revolution are both options to prevent infestation.
    These monthly preventatives prevent fleas and heartworm disease.
    Heartworm disease in cats is a serious health risk as cats can just suddenly die.
    Indoor males tend to be more susceptible and the risk of feline heartworm disease is almost higher than FeLV/FIV to an outdoor cat.
    So keeping cats on the prevention is essential as there is NO cure.
    Advantage Multi and Revolution also works well to control intestinal parasites.

  3. mebekili

    I have 3 indoor cats, and have NEVER had fleas on any of them….. unless your home is infested, they’re simply not going to get fleas. IF she gets fleas at some point, a good spot treatment like Revolution (get one from the vet, don’t buy an over the counter version… the over the counter ones have been killing pets) will take care of them. But unless you bring a flea-infested animal into your house, this really is something that isn’t likely to arise at all.

  4. Blaidd

    Well, if the kitten is under 12 weeks, please DO NOT use any sort of flea treatment. It can kill a young kitten. The most you can do is keep it indoors and away from other cats. If by some chance it does get fleas, you can buy a fine-tooth flea comb to gently work them out of her/his coat while giving it a warm bath with a little bit of baby shampoo.
    Hope I helped!

  5. jairo

    well fleas can be prevented by lyso and clorox and other cleaning products . id say dont let other cats over and dont let the cat out side if you do buy aspray or powder to prevent fleas from jumping at her . you can buy powders or sprays at petco or any petstore near you

  6. Katy Leah

    Use monthly Revolution. If you use it like directed, you should have no problems at all. PLEASE do not use the products you find at pet stores or Walmart. These can be very dangerous.

  7. weilerj2

    go to a pet store they have flea capsules that you can put on your cat in order to keep it free of fleas and ticks. Pet stores should also have special shampoos that repel fleas too. Good luck

  8. Larissa

    Frontline works extremely well but only if your cat is old enough. You apply it to the sin in between its shoulder blades once a month.

  9. My Evil Twin

    We’ve had excellent results using Advantage flea treatment. Once per month and no itchy critters. Once they’re under control you only have to use it as needed.

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