I have two cats, one goes outside (with flea medication) but unfortunately, I get fleas in the house even though they have medication. It’s not uncommon. And usually once or twice every couple of weeks I notice I get bit. But I have heard there are some healthier solutions to get rid of fleas than flea powder and sprays.. any ideas??


  1. Ashley S

    There is nothing wrong with products like Frontline. But use veterinarian recommended products like Frontline or Revolution. Stay away from pet store brands like Hartz, biospot, and those others. They can cause severe allergic reactions and sometimes death. And quite often, they don’t even work. You didn’t make it clear in your question if you are treating both cats…even if the one cat never goes outdoors, he still needs to be treated. The outdoor cat, even though treated, can still bring in fleas that can jump to the other cat before the frontline is able to do its job. I’m not sure which products you are using, but if it’s a petstore brand, that can be your problem. If you are using Frontline or one of the other approved medications, then you may have an infestation in your home that needs to be dealt with. Wash all cat bedding in hot water and treat your home. I like Knockout spray (available from veterinarians only). You spray your home with it, and it lasts for 7 months. Awesome stuff. As far as “safe” natural products, if you are already having a problem dealing with fleas, I don’t think any of these all natural remedies is going to help you. They usually aren’t as effective as the prescription products. Hope that helps

  2. Asia

    You probably need an exterminator.
    The cat may have a flea medication–but the fleas he had before the medication would have laid eggs, hence never solving the problem.
    I hope someone can give you better advice–with healthier solutions because I don’t know any.

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