My kitten got fleas and was about the house for 2 -3 days till I started his treatment. How to treat the home? Any ideas? Any cheap or convenient home remedies?


  1. baby gurl

    First, treat the kitten with a reputable flea treatment. I recommend FrontLine in the spray bottle, it works like a charm. Just make sure the kitten is old enough that the treatment won’t hurt it. Then you will need to keep your house really clean until the fleas go away. That means: vacuum at least once a day, under couches and beds and all furniture, machine wash anything your cat has been in contact with, and wipe off any surfaces where he has been. Keep doing that every day. If that still doesn’t work, then consider carpet powders and flea bombs, but I prefer to only use those as a last resort.

  2. NOTCrazy

    Just treat the cat with Advantage, wash all bedding, and vaccum. They should die off rather quickly after treating the cat with Advantage, if you want to be extra cautious you can go to any pet store and buy a spray to kill fleas in your home, your supposed to spray baseboards, carpeting, and the ares which the cat sleeps. Also, make sure you treat your cat with Advantage every month for 6 months out of the year (spring to fall) so this does’nt happen again. Hope this helps…

  3. Rose

    get frontline spot on for your cat and then you can get household flea sprays to spray round the house. Also clean, especially vaccum. Some of the flea sprays are TERRIBLE others are really good. Fleas can jump realllllly far so dont just spray where you cat has been like. My cat kept breaking into my bedroom :/ she had fleas but my parents kept saying no she hasnt I was sleeping in my bed while fleas were all over my room i slept in another room twice. I had about 50 bites on each leg and now i have scars and i was eating dinner and flea.. JUMPED INTO MY KETCHUP !!!!!!!! people think there very small there not microscopic There brown. So i reccomend de-flea your cat like every month. or sumin

  4. rfid how it works

    well u need to buy something this to treat your home—…
    You need to start using flea meds on your pet. and dont let her roam around outside…we had flea infestation at my old place because my roommates decided to pick up as stray cat and brought it home!! (the cat was infested w/ fleas i was told by the roommates later on) and a few months later my dog was itchign everywhere and saw all these disgusting fleas all over him….So we had to de fog the whole house and also washed our dogs w/ flea shampoo. it was a real pain the butt so you have to be consistent w/ the treatments..I even had to give my dog some pills for his skin because he got a rash from it.. It was a real pain the butt.

  5. Princess Lex

    not really except . i bought this really cool powder from petsmart and u sprinkle on ur floor and the fleas die. its really helpful.

  6. Yvonne M

    Put flea powder on his bed,in the litter box,on him,pretty much wherever your cat spends most of his time!

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