I have just got a fox terrier who is around 18 motnhs and is in need of some training.
I would like to take her to training school by where I live in Bolton.
Has anyone got any suggestions where I can take her please??


  1. k9partne

    Check out Kay Laurence’s website:
    http://www.learningaboutdogs.com – she might be able to recommend someone in your area.
    She’s attended Crufts many times. She also has some very good books and videos that might help.
    Check the Association of Pet Dog Trainers for referrals. Ask you local vet for suggestions.
    Audit a class before enrolling – ask a lot of questions and ask for referrences from past clients.
    Good luck!

  2. ben e

    the best place to ask is your local vets. if not try “bark busters” in the yellow pages it can be costly but to me as long as me and my dogs are happy moneys no object. but seriously it will be the best money youve ever spent.

  3. stacy g

    I am not sure what state you are in but you can always try Petsmart they have training also you can check your local yellow pages under Pet or Animal trainers. Good Luck that Fox terrior is going to be a handful but you should enjoy it both of you.

  4. dartzall

    Where is Bolton? Try looking online for Obedience schools near you or look in your phone book. Sorry I can’t be much of help but I don’t know where Bolton is.

  5. dvm78

    Well….if I had any idea what state Bolton was in, maybe I could help. I’d also suggest a private lesson with a trainer and see if they agree that sending the dog off to school is the best solution for the problems you’re having. Many training schools can cost you $1000 for 2-3 weeks of training. You prepared for that?

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