We have a 4 1/2 month old Goldendoodle. We can’t have a regular fence with our yard. I had the fence professionally installed and the person who put it in had a training session with me to explain the training process. He took my dog around the yard and showed me what I needed to do. My dog responded right way. For the first and second day I took her around and when she heard the sound I pulled her away. After the third day, I couldn’t get her to go near the flags while on her leash. We have thrown balls and done other things and she will not go near it, therefore she has never been shocked. I’m not sure if she is really getting it. It has been hard to do the training because she won’t go near it. Me or my husband are always outside with her. My husband will now just let her off the lead and lets her do what she wants and she stays right in the yard. For those of you who have an Invisble Fence I need to know if I should be letting her off the lead and if there is anything I am missing


  1. rreddr1

    She gets it!
    The flags are what is deterring her from going any further because they are visual. Once she decides to go further and gets a shock then she will start to respond to the beeps.
    If she does not want to go near the flags don’t force her.
    She may not have to be shocked to get the point. I would continue supervising her while she is out for at least the next six months or even longer since she so young.
    I had to get an e-fence because I had a Jumper. She noticed the flags was curious and approached them heard the beeps went passed them got a shock and NEVER went pass them again. Sounds like your doing everything just fine!

  2. Kim J

    You have a highly sensitive puppy who is paying attention to you. She is very young and her behavior will probably begin to change when she is about 6 months old. Dogs go through an adolescence where they forget their training, try out new things and can become very difficult until they mature.
    She may become bolder and try testing the fence. She may be chasing a ball and forget the flags and end up ‘testing’ the fence accidentally.
    It is important to have the system working properly because some dogs end up figuring out that the collar has to be on and has to have working batteries or they are free to roam.
    Some dogs go right through the fence anyway, accept the shock and refuse to come home. Other dogs refuse to go through the fence even without the collar.

  3. Bonsylar

    No, everything is fine.
    Dogs “get” boundaries. You set a firm boundary in her head, the collar will remind her, there’s nothing to worry about.

  4. Tallsing

    alright well first of all this is a GOOD thing she isn’t leaving the yard and she is staying away from the fence this is what you wanted don’t take her to the fence anymore you could make her snappy or develope a phobia making her not ever want to go anywhere so just leave her alone. she is staying where you want her to.

  5. Subya

    I’m not sure what invisible fence is but as you describe it then it sounds like if your dog touches it she’ll get an electric shock, if she goes near the flags (presumably marking out the electric current) then she’ll hear a sound and get pulled away.
    It sounds to me like she’s learnt what you’ve wanted her to. She doesn’t want to go near the flags, isn’t this the idea?

  6. ms.pooki

    before your dog gets a shock from the fence she will hear an unpleasant sound that only dogs can hear maybe that sound is enough to keep her away from the flags. your dog is probably just a quick learner as long as she is not getting out I wouldn’t worry if she stays away from the flags. Keep an eye on her till your sure of course but, she probably already figured the whole thing out.

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