my dog goes outside but just sits at the door crying he won’t go and play unless i go outside how can i get him to play alone?


  1. rjn529

    dogs left alone in a yard are lonely, bored, and can find trouble. Dogs are very social animals, and need companionship. He should not be left outside alone. He can begin to dig, climb, or squeeze through fences, he can find gardens, flowers, and other things to dig up, he can find all kinds of trouble. He needs to have companionship, not expected to be by himself.

  2. Mario

    Just ignore all these bleeding heart answers. Dogs are just fine playing by themselves.
    In my personal experience, one of the very best traits you can teach your dog is the ability to be on his own. So many dogs can’t handle this, and it’s sad because there’s no way you can be around your dog 24/7. So by teaching him some independence, you’re really doing him a favor in the long run because so many owners don’t bother.
    You basically have to take a hard line with him when teaching this. Just make him go out by himself on a daily basis and do NOT respond or listen or react at all when he starts to whine. Never ever give in to a whining dog, or there’s no way in hell he will ever respect you. Just make him go outside, give him some toys to play with, and make sure he knows this is part of the daily routine.
    Remember, just because a few thousand dog lovers started crying about doesn’t mean it’s necessarily abuse. Dogs need to know the rules and you need to be firm. And in the end you’ll be doing him a favor if he has the ability to be content just being alone by himself.

  3. Behavior

    You can’t. Go outside and play with him. My bet is that you’re gone all day at work or school and he’s lonely. Spend time with him. The TV and computer will still be there when you get back.

  4. kon11sta

    Dogs typically dont like to play alone.
    I mean granted, some dogs are okay to chew on a stick or bone, and bat around a ball a little bit. But thats not actual playing, not enough to rid a dog of all of its energy (especially if its a high energy dog). A dog wont play fetch with itself, and they are pack creatures (youre his pack).
    It will take a long time for him to get used to the fact that he has to go outside and play by himself, especially if he is used to bearound his family and playing with them…

  5. Lisa B

    Dogs don’t like to be alone. You can’t train him to like being alone. You can ignore him until he resigns himself to his fate. But WHY? Why do you want your dog to play by itself? Dogs are companions! Take him for a good long walk, enjoy a game of fetch, get out in the yard yourself and run around and get some fresh air! Enjoy your pet!

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    If you really want him to play alone outside then try leaving some toys out there and ignore him when he wines.
    However I don’t know why you want him to play by himself outside, but I would think that it would be for fun to play with him. After all he seems like the type that wants someone to play with.
    I know there are times when my dogs don’t want to be outside by themselves, but some times they’re okay.

  7. Stephanie Loves Sam

    so let me get this straight. u bought a dog. u brought it home and went out ur back door into ur yard. u put him down and went back in. and he is crying because he wants to live inside. dogs dont play alone dogs like companionship. dogs like people dogs like other dogs. in case u havent noticed dogs r pack animals. they thrive in packs. u took the dog from its littermates. u took the dog from its pack. it is now ur obligation. u have to be his pack. u need to go out and play with him and let him be part of the family bring him in the house and play with him and let him live with u and be with u. whats the point of having the dog if he is just going to be a lawn ornament

  8. ~English Rose~

    Maybe you could put some food (like raw meat or little treats)out in the garden, hidden in the grass and places like that. He will then associate being in the garden with fun and treats!You could feed half of his meal to him this way but also feed it to him as normal. You still need him to be ok with people going near his food!!
    Its not playing but it will occupy him!!
    Good luck!

  9. erin

    dogs need companions. if you dont have time to play with him maybe you should consider getting him a friend.

  10. Sunny

    You bought a dog to just leave outside. Does it have water? Does it have food? What kind of pet owner are you. Dog is mans best friend. They want your companionship. I would say give the dog to a loving family.

  11. janine

    hello to everybody..I totally understand the person who asked the question. My 2 year old staffy does the same. And NO I am not a bad pet owner and YES I take her for good long walks and out in the park and play fetch with her and she is a very much loved family dog. BUT sometimes she needs to go outside, eg when I am at work or have to go to the shops, I cant leave her inside as she needs to go to the toilet and would chew everything apart inside out of frustration. So that is not an option. And I also believe a dog has to stay outside at night in her own house, arent dogs supposed to protect there pack and home???
    I think everybody who answered with negative answers doesnt understand the question. You just look at the side that the dog is outside but not at the bigger picture. So dont just asume things if you dont know exactly how the dog gets treated. I am sure he is in a loving family.

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