Hi, I am about to graduate from dog training school and I need advice or ideas for a business name. I will offer group classes, private training and problem solving and training. I will also train deaf dogs and blind dogs.
The only name I have so far is, K9 Elite Dog Training.


  1. Bai

    Bark Busters
    K9 on the Straight Line
    Sorry . . I’m pretty crap at thinking up names. Good Luck!

  2. ImSpoile

    sounds like the name you have picked is a good one I would go with that. Good luck.
    K9 to 5 maybe

  3. kdc

    i like your idea or the ‘k9 on the straight line’ answer. a few of the others i have heard before.

  4. cmspotts

    Pawsitively Perfect Pooches?
    Sounds corny.. but might ignite curiosity in potential clients. You want to have a disclaimer that you don’t have a magic wand to make the dogs perfect though.. some people just don’t get that it takes time and work, not an abbra cadabbra.

  5. Kleine Bohnen

    Ah! I suck at names, but I’ll give it a shot…
    Bad Behavior?
    Naughty Doggy?
    lol, those are really gay, I know!

  6. Michelle

    I think your name is perfect! Out of curiosity where are you located and how do you find businesses such as yours? I just purchased a AKC German Shepard pup and have been wanting to find a school such as yours and haven’t found one in my area. Can you help me as well?!

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