idk how to begin on training. can i train him my self or would he need an professional trainer.
its a all black ug thats about 2 yrs old
can you give some tips on training or experience
all kinda thing to do such as lay, stay,fetch,etc. more things you can think of too


  1. Jilly_M_

    I would recommend an obedience class to help with the training. I have taken both of my dogs and my mom took both of hers. I works wonders and if the dog doesn’t respond to a certain command they work with you to find something that works. Another thing they taught in class is to use signs for the command as well as the word. That way dogs have both a visual and verbal command. Also rewards with treats every time for the first few weeks of every new command as well as verbal praise and then back off on the treats. Another really important tip is only provide the command 2 times. If the dog does not respond by the 2nd time physically put the dog in the command such as sit, lay or what ever. Dogs will push your buttons and see how much they can get away with !! There are a few tips I learned in class:
    1. To teach lay you have to teach sit first. The best way to do that is tell the dog to sit then push its butt down. Then reward with a treat. Eventually move from pushing it’s butt down to holding the collar.
    2. To teach lay get the dog to sit then move it’s front paws out. Hold the dogs back down until it gets the hang of it.
    3. Stay start with a sit and stay. Hold the dogs collar with your thumb on the back of it’s neck to begin with and slowly start moving away. Holding the collar for the first few days of this command. Slowly release the collar and remain at the dogs level and every few days move a little farther.
    4. Come here is the hardest to teach. When we taught that we used cooked liver instead of treats b/c dogs LOVE liver. Start at one end of a hall with the dog’s leash in your hand. Release the leash and run backwards yelling come. The dog will follow. Stop at the other end and give the treat. Eventually your dog will want the liver bad enough that when you say come it will. Eventually less liver and more dog treats then verbal praise.

  2. fakeange

    Well if he is two years old it might be harder to train but yes its possible for you to do it yourself. 1. BE CONSISTENT 2.PRACTICE
    3. patience
    I think first thing to teach it is to sit.
    you can do that by running your hand into the back and press getly on his back / before tail and say sit. give hima treat! say great you know then when he has that down teach him to stay… sit then say stay… walk away say stay using a hand signal too…then say come using hands too give it a treat or say good boy etc. lay is the hardest one i think dont know how to teach that but after he got the sit and come and stay fetch too its easy to trow something and say go get it…when it brings you something back give him a treat or get exited say good boy now try taking away and if the dog gives it to you say same thing or reward do not play tug a war.

  3. carrie

    the first answer’s good. read up on many sites (try to stay away from personal sites like geocities, chances are good that they arent professionals).
    or if you want to spend the extra cash on hands on training, go to a dog obedience school. the trainers there can show you exactly the skills you’ll need to train your dog. it’s really easy, but it requires lots of repetition and a firm routine.
    if you want to train your dog to stop jumping on you, you’ll have to stick to the same command everytime, not just “get off” and next time “stop it”. that’s what i mean by repetition. and dont just sometimes give in, NEVER give in. that’ll teach your dog that it knows it can get away with it if it tries long and hard enough (which is why my dogs ALWAYS scream/bark when someone rings the door bell or comes home). make sure that everyone around the dog sticks to the routine you set for your pug. my mom would always be too nice with the dogs, let them jump on her, take food from her plate, beg for food. when she’d tell them to get off the back of the couch, she’d too gently nudge them, but then pet them even after they were too lazy to move. do you see what im getting at:P?
    be firm, set a routine, and always stick to the same commands and dont let him win you over with his cute wrinkly face or grumbles or puppy dog looks. in the end, he’ll come to respect you more, and that’ll make for a happier, more confident dog.

  4. Todd D

    Because the dog is no longer a puppy and doesnt remember things as well anymore I would hire a dog trainer.

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