I am afraid to use chemicals because I am pregnant. But I am concerned that some of the fleas from my friend’s home hitch-hiked home with me… I have one cat of my own. I have already vacuumed the car and house, washed clothes & bedding (brought with to my friends), showered, and steam cleaned the car… I live in Minnesota and I was wondering if putting the things outside to freeze, that I cannot wash, would be effective.


  1. Mike A

    A few years ago I had a bad flea problem I tried using bug bombs and sprays but nothing worked till a co worker told me to buy a can of table salt and sprinkle it through out the carpeted areas of the house. With nothing to loose I tried it and it worked. after a few days vacuum and put more salt down.
    The salt acts as a desiccant and dries out the eggs thus killing the life cycle

  2. kathy m

    just prepare to spend at least 3 days with someone , then use the flea bombs. i have done this and it works great! good luck,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kathy m.

  3. extex_co

    You can use the flea bombs….they have them now that use a safe and natural product that kills fleas and won’t bother you or your unborn child. Just don’t stay inside while its fogging the house. Put it out first thing in morning before you go to work,,,keep your cat in an area that’s closed off or in a crate in garage.

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