i asked a question earlier about a women doing the same type of jobs as men.
the field i would like to do is dog training. but i have not seen many women do the job.


  1. brice m

    I don’t believe that sex affects a dogs learning ability some people say that female dogs are better with men and male dogs are better with women. I couldn’t tell you why there are not allot of woman dog trainers out there but. I know a couple and they have produced some really good dogs.

  2. Magic 8 Ball: The Witch is In

    You can be a female and a dog trainer. If they don’t have any K-9 positions available, you couild just go MP, and then try to get K-9 school after that.

  3. Daniel S

    I don’t think it would matter it’s not a combat job i don’t think. combat jobs are the only jobs women can’t do in the military

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