I have a three month old puppy and nothing seems to be working to get rid of her fleas. I heard someone saying that dawn dish liwuid works. But I want to make for sure before using it. I could use any suggestions that anyone can give to me.



    NO IT DOES *NOT*!!!
    It takes burned on GREASE off FRYING PANS!!!
    INSECTICIDES kill fleas-TOPICALS *ON* the dog & sprays IN THE HOUSE!!

  2. Katwala

    Actually yes any lemon scented liquid soap works just fine and is, in fact, what my veterinarian recommended when we had a litter with fleas (shudder).
    Make sure you rinse them your pup off completely after the bath and don’t let her outside until she is completely dry. Remember that she’ll be flea-filled again very quickly if you don’t treat the environment too (using flea bombs, washing bedding, etc.).
    Good Luck!

  3. Michelle

    when my kittens were to young for flea stuff i used an organic dish soap on them because they were covered in fleas. i did this twice a day, try to leave the soap on for a few minutes and rinse well. also vacuum lots, get the vacuum bag out of the house, wash bedding in hot water and vacuum more. it took a bit but those little kittens, (the people who i got them from just wanted to get rid of them so i got them probably at 5 weeks, i was told six but i don’t think so) anyway they are healthy 5 year olds now. i do have dogs, they received advantage and i believe that it helped as well. whenever i see any evidence of fleas they all get a dose and it works great for me.

  4. KelsandD

    It actually clogs the breathing mechanism- fleas and bugs breath through there ‘skin’. and the dish soap breaks the surface tension of the water and allows it to get ‘under’ the bugs ‘skin’.
    This is not the exact scientific explanation but its the best i can do right now.

  5. rhinestones

    It does actually get rid of them, but is only a temp fix. A monthly type treatment would be the best option IF he were older. Do you have any other dogs? You could treat one of them and often times that will take care of the problem for any other dogs in the house as well.
    You may also need to treat your home and yard.

  6. Kristin

    No it won’t, it will just irritate the puppies skin. Get some front line for puppies from your vet and once you put it on, within 6 hours all of the fleas will die and prevent it for a month.

  7. claygal

    No it won’t. You will need to use a good flea shampoo and be sure to check if it can be safely used on puppies. You need to clean all of her bedding and the floors. She is getting reinfected with fleas from her environment.

  8. Cure for Cold Sores

    It does work, it doesn’t hurt the dogs skin or cause any problems. I’ve used it many times on many dogs. There are many home remedies out there that do work and do not kill or harm animals, believe it or not.

  9. Patient Paws

    It doesn’t- and its dangerous to use it on animals.
    Dawn strips the dogs coat of natural oils that both moisten and protect the skin & coat, when you strip these oils you can create a seriously itchy dog.
    If you want to get rid of fleas, buy flea specific shampoo, put it on her DRY (rub it in very well) wait five minutes, rinse, and wash her again with it.
    Fleas create a grease bubble when they get wet, and this bubble protects them from the killing agents in regular shampoos, but if you put it on DRY it can dissolve the bubble and kill the fleas on contact, provided you cover her entirely and wait the proper time.
    After she’s been washed if she still has fleas its likely that they’re also in your home. Set up bowls of hot water under a heat lamp in areas that your dog frequents (places where she sleeps, where her food dishes are, etc) pour two drops of flea soap in there and mix well, and if you have a heat lamp hover the heat lamp above the bowl.
    The fleas are attracted to the warmth of the lamp, bowl and water and will jump in and die. Leave it overnight for best results.
    Finally, if you STILL can’t get rid of all of your dogs’ fleas contact your vet for a dip and flea prevention medication.

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