as in dont leave the water bowl down all day. can someone please explain that? we leave our water bowl down all day. we have 2 dogs, one is diabetic… i just dont see why you souldnt keep your water down


  1. renodogm

    Your trainer is misinformed. Yes, water can be a powerful tool, but it is not good for your dog and dangerous to restrict water.
    Your trainer is stupid and cruel, find a new one.

  2. George G

    Did you check this trainer for rabies as they sound mad!!! A dog knows when it needs water just like they know when to eat grass to settle an upset belly. they know when they are hungry unless trained a certain way like pavlov’s dogs. they know when they want to play, sleep, go to the bathroom… . your trainer needs to see what it is like to be deprived of water!!!

  3. Mini kirby

    that is strange. well, maybe it’s if you have a dog that likes water way too much, that it’s indangering it self. but if your dog is not like that, I don’t see the problem.

  4. Spain mortgages

    The only reason I can think of is during house breaking, so you can get into a good cycle with them. But, if your dogs are already house broken, they should have water readily available.

  5. theresa b

    Sounds like the trainer needs a few lessons of thier own. You should never ever ever take away your dogs access to fresh water. If it’s for potty training or even dominence the only thing you would need to control is food intake.
    Not only is it a possible case for cruelty and neglect but it can also lead to an easier chance at heat stroke and dehydration if you take away their water. Tell you trainer to check her facts. If she stills insists that controlling when a dog can drink is fine I’d report her to the local aspca so they can have a talk with her and straighten her out cause chances are she’s doing it to her own dogs.
    Other than that the only reason she might be saying it is if she’s meaning only at night since they’re sleeping they don’t need all that much water but still there should be some left out at all times no matter what.

  6. the 0ne and 0nly MEH! <33

    WHAT A CRUEL TEACHER!!! does your dog decide if and when you can drink water??? suppose you forget to put the bowl down… fire that teacher and find a new one!!!
    a dog should ALWAYS have a bowl of fresh water.

  7. Ginbail ©

    You leave water down all day. Therefore, YOU decided that your dogs can have access to water whenever thay want.
    I believe the teacher was trying to explain that dogs are totally dependent on their owners, and it is up to the owners to establish control over their dog by dictating when and where the dog would eat, sleep, eat, poop, etc. Don’t take it personal.

  8. Yorkie; Dogue de Bordeaux

    Hmmm mabye because so the dog dose not pee in the house, i never heard this only with food tho.

  9. Jessica L

    that is by far the most unhealthy and illogical instruction I have yet to hear! You should ALWAYS leave water out for your dog! There is no way that you the owner is going to know how much and how often your dog will need to drink, and it is even more important since you have a diabetic dog!
    I know I am getting upset, but my goodness that is so rediculous!
    The only thread of hope I have for your teacher is that perhaps she meant to not always have FOOD out for your dogs, and not WATER. That would make much more sense! Please ask her about it, and if she sticks to the water theory, please find another instructor and advise your “classmates” to follow you.

  10. ?

    I’m down all the way with renodogmom. (above) The trainer is using behavior methods that are just not acceptable to either the animal or the owner. She’s dead on……….. Get yourself a new trainer…..Pronto!!

  11. lovelyda

    I never heard of withholding water from your pets, to me thats cruel, an animal should be able to get a fresh cool drink ANYTIME it wants.

  12. maxmom

    Well, maybe for training purposes, but if you are gone all day, leave water out.
    I have never heard of that and wouldn’t do it.

  13. Jen

    Well thats kinda stupid..they cant talk and tell you when theyre thirsty and with one of your dogs being a diabetic they should always have fresh clean water down at all times.

  14. Flatcoat

    Well as a dog trainer myself, maybe your trainer ment that the dog should not be allowed to drink water while your playing, training, or bonding with your dog. I will not allow my dogs to go drink water while we are running in agility. But just on a daily bases when I am not working with my dogs, they get water whenever they want it. Dogs have about 60% water in there bodies and constantly need to keep stable and hydrated.

  15. rescue member

    That is ridiculous – and dead wrong
    Dogs need to ALWAYS have access to fresh water, their kidneys can shut down from lack of it, especially in hot weather.
    You either misunderstood that teacher or he should be run out of business.

  16. natalie

    I dont agree with your teacher, but i do see her point. Your dog should drink his water and food, when it is given to him, not when he feels like it. Remember you can’t let your dog have control, you have to be the pack leader, in the wild, the pack leader controls when they eat sleep, and even drink. If your dog sees you as the pack leader, he will respect you more, and be more obedient, all dog psychology.
    When potty training you have to control what the dog drinks and eats, so you know when he has to go. Like i was taught to take my puppy outside five minutes after he ate or drank anything to prevent accidents. anyway i hope i helped.
    best answer please!!!!
    signed dog psychologist expert, lol!

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