Adopted a dog and she wasn’t taken care of properly so unfortunately I also adopted her fleas which she has passed on to my other dog and two cats. I’m looking for a home remedy that is an all natural alternative to something like Frontline.


  1. ♥willow♥

    oh man, that sucks!! I’m sorry. I dont have any natural home remedies. Not that I havent tried any, I just didnt find one that really worked. I personally hate frontline. My small dog had a very bad reaction to it. My yorkie is currently on Revolution.
    For fleas: someone once told me that I had to treat it like a war. And let me tell you, it is!! If the fleas have infected your home, carpet, bedding, furnature, you have a much bigger problem on your hands. We got fleas from our neighbor’s dogs and my dog brought them in the house. We had to get our house professionally sprayed a few times, our yard too. But in addition to that, I found a carpet powder at Wal-Mart and powdered and vacuumed the whole house at least every two days. Wash EVERYTHING that your dogs and cats have been around.
    And go to your vet and get a pill called CapStar. I think you can even use it on cats, but be sure to ask. This magic little pill saved my life!! It kills the fleas on your animals in a matter of minutes and works all day. Plus you can give it daily. Some vets sell it for less than others, so be sure to shop around.
    Good luck!!

  2. Angie

    I’m a vet tech, Try Garlic, Take a half of garlic and mix it in the dog food once a day. It will take some time but it will work.Fleas don’t like the smell , it will start to come out of the dogs pours. Ok good luck.

  3. ~Tess~

    Like Eyna said, tea tree oil and water worked for us! We also sprayed it in the cracks in the floor and on the carpet. We have a cat and dogs.

  4. Blasters

    Frontline works…
    But, you will then have to use a flea bomb on your house because they are probably embedded in you carpet and other places in your home…
    The flea bombs work best… just let them off and leave your house for a little while… clean up afterwards.

  5. stulisa4

    Sorry, you’d run across a unicorn before finding an all natural effective way to rid your animals and house of fleas completely.
    The solution is advantage for the dogs and cats, apply by directions, then after a day the fleas are gone from the animals, an in a week or so, all of the fleas in your house will be gone too.
    Frontline is not as effective, and will not get these results. Store brands are not effective.
    If you are afraid because it is chemicals, the risks of anemia, tapeworm, skin infections etc from fleas (as well as more dangerous diseases) are worse than the risk of an allergic reaction to Advantage.
    If it is the cost of it, order it online and save a bundle. It’s worth it to be flea free.

  6. eyna

    I’m not sure about the cats. but we wash our dog with a solution of water and a few drops of tea tree oil (tea tree oil is poison to cats i think). then we give her (our dog) from time to time garlic in her meals, this will emit a smell in her skin that fleas and other insects don’t like.

  7. Chalice

    Unfortunately, home remedies do not work. That’s why proper flea control products had to be developed; fleas are very tough and can’t be controlled with salt or garlic or whatever else people on here suggest. I can’t believe a vet tech suggested garlic.
    You need to use Frontline, Advantage or Revolution. As someone on here rightly put it, the risks from fleas are greater than the risks from pesticides – especially if you’re using actual SAFE pesticides i.e from a vets. The horror stories you hear are from the ridiculous stuff that gets sold in pet stores under the guise of flea treatment – this stuff doesn’t work and is indeed frequently dangerous.
    So if you actually want to treat fleas, get Frontline, Revolution or Advocate. Doing nothing might actually be better than trying garlic etc.
    And if you want to treat your house, again, nothing from a pet store. No bombs! Veterinary house spray online. Skoosh is a new house spray that is pesticide free.

  8. An American dream

    Wash all the animals at the same time with a good flea and tick soap. Observe the waiting time of 5 minutes to kill all the fleas. Now, go spray the entire area they use, with Malathion from Spectracide. Buy it at Lowes. Get a pressure sprayer
    (pump type) $35 the one with the lifetime guarantee, and save the box with the recite so you can swap it when it goes bad.
    Home remedies never work for everybody.

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