I have a little west highland terrier puppy/dog. He is a lovely dog but he likes to bark and pull. Is 20 months too old to take him training ?


  1. One Tree Hill

    Not at all. They are a little more cooperative when they’re really young (think kindergarteners vs. teenagers) but you can start training at any age. I’ve even trained new things to my elderly dog! Be patient though, terriers are pretty bull-headed and it may take a bit longer to get through to him. I’ve had terrier owners want to quit class when their spirited little guys don’t catch on right away like the retrievers and herding breeds in class. Those breeds were meant to work closely with a person, terriers are meant to work on their own in a vermin hole tracking and killing things and they have a really independent spirit!

  2. kelli123

    My dog is 7 years old and just started training – There are young and old dogs in there. It’s great!

  3. Caddiese

    Your dog is never too old for a training class. The training classes teach you…how to train your dog. It takes a bunch more work than just going to class, but they give you the knowledge you need to train your dog. The important part is practice and being consistent. It’s also fun!!

  4. Brittani L

    no of course not you can still take him training it shouldnt matter i took my dog training the age of 2 years and she knows a lot now

  5. Pam

    Absolutely not! If they can train a 6 yr old rescue, 20 months certainly isn’t out of the question at all.

  6. Michelle L

    It is NEVER too late to get a dog some training. Granted, it is easier when they are younger and haven’t developed the bad habits that it sounds like your dog has. Taking him to a trainer who specializes in retraining dogs is a good idea, but even PetsMart has a training class geared toward older dogs (not puppies) who have had no previous obedience training.
    Training is a good idea not only to rid your dog of his bad habits, but also for your dog’s mental health. I know that sounds silly, but dogs (just like kids) crave structure. Your dog looks to you for guidance and boundaries. If he gets no guidance from you, then he will make up the rules himself. If you do set some boundaries for him, he will be happier, ans more comfortable. Get your little man some training – both you and him will benefit greatly.

  7. Mandy M

    no its not to late to train your pup but you better get to it fast before it is. its better to do it now
    take him to a specialist to train dogs and he will be fine
    hope you train him well
    mandy m 🙂

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