i have a golden retriever puppy about 8 weeks old and she bites and growls… a lot. she was the biggest of a litter of 12 and i was wandering if a dog whistle is effective way of training a dog. if so please say were i can get one.


  1. Kate

    It can be nut it depends on how you use it. Lets say you are training your dog to come. A whistle would be good in this situation. You could blow the whistle and when the dog comes reinforce it with a treat. This way the dog realizes that when the whistle is blown and he comes he will get a treat. The dog may not pick up on this right away so be patient. If you are just trying to get her to stop biting or growling and you blow the whistle the dog will not know what that means, unless you reinforce it with a treat just like the other example. You could get a dog whistle, but any type of whistle will work. You could also just make a sound instead. Either one works!

  2. Ellen

    A dog whistle doesn’t do anything by itself — it’s just a noise.
    I assume, since your pup is 8 weeks old, you are talking about puppy nipping. If she is already biting, or growling in anger, you either have a serious problem for which you need a veterinary behaviorist, or you are doing something to upset and aggravate her — in which case, the noise of a whistle would probably make things worse.
    Get the help of a trainer who can help you teach her behaviors you *do* want to see, practice those behaviors, and ask for them so she knows what you want.

  3. Anonymous

    I have never used one. Why? You need to take the leadership role now and obedience train her.
    My daughter has a Golden Retriever puppy who she got at 8 weeks.
    She is 12 weeks now and she sits and stays for her food. When she ‘mouths’ human flesh she reacts immediately to the command ‘leave it’.
    She has also been trained not to go within 2 feet of anyone who is eating.
    Goldens have incredible high trainability. It takes time, patience and consistency.
    You don’t need a freaking whistle.
    Oh, one other thing, ‘yelping’ like a dog when she bites? Guess what that teaches her? She’s in control. I do wish the people who use that answer would stop. It is ignorant.

  4. Jackie

    they are effective… you just need to find the right frquency for your dog… Go to where you can buy hunting supplies or go to a good pet store and see if they have them or if you can have one ordered in…

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