I’ve clicker trained my dogs. Is it basically the same thing? Any differences I should know?


  1. Ponygirl

    it’s very close.
    One thing you want to be sure and do is prevent “mugging” for the treat. They figure out that the click means treat really fast; you need to always give them the treat, a few teaspoons of grain, tucked in toward his chest a bit, so he isn’t reaching out to you for the goodies.
    I had to retrain my hyper gelding to take the treat back in his own space, not in mine.
    The other thing I have noticed is that I can train horses much faster than dogs. I trained the aforementioned gelding what the clicker meant and to fetch in two 15 minute sessions! I can only do it that fast with a dog if they already do the behavior and are learning about the click. If I am trying to teach what the click means and a totally new behavior, it seems to take me longer with the dog. Maybe I just think like a horse more than a dog???!!!

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