our home association is planning to plant clover in our common area and those who have dogs are concerned about fleas


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    Your fears are unfounded. I have 3 dogs built close to the ground.(chihuahuas) and plenty of clover, as I don’t use any poisons, or fertilizer on my yard. Fleas are no problem.
    When they do get an infrequent infestation, I use a clamp light on the leg of a chair, with a low pan, like a pie or cake pan, half filled with water and a drop of dish soap. Place on the floor in the room where the dogs sleep. Position the light directly over and 6 – 8″ above the pan. Turn on the light at night, with all other visible lights off. Fleas will migrate to thew light, jumkp at it, and fall into the soapy water to drown. In the morning, wash the flea water down the drain. With more serious infestations, keep the trap operating for at least two weeks, as flea eggs take that long to hatch.

  2. LucySD

    No not specifically in clover but any place outdoors that is a humid spot.
    We were 5 dog /2 cat poor….http://www.stopthefleas.com/fleas-in-law…
    EDITED: for those that don’t know anything about fleas
    As long as fleas are on the outside of your home, in your lawn, there is a big chance that your free roaming dog or cat would catch fleas all over again.
    It is important to treat your yard as thoroughly as your house. Concentrate on shady areas, where fleas live, and use an insecticide or nematodes, microscopic worms that kill flea larvae.http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/dog-care/d…
    5. Make a citrus solution. Citrus is a natural flea deterrent. Estimate the area of infested grass and obtain an appropriate number of citrus fruits, lemon is most advisable. Slice the citrus and score the peels to release citrus oils. Boil water and pour it over the citrus in a large but manageable container, soaking overnight. Apply citrus solution to infested areas, including pets, and watch it kill fleas instantly.
    Open link for the other steps.http://www.ehow.com/how_4450192_kill-fle…
    EDITED: if your surrounding areas don’t treat the area for fleas they just jump to the next yard which is uslly the next door neighbors.

  3. goofinof

    I have a lawn over two acres, for twenty years now, with lots of clover, and have never had a flea problem, even when we had a dog.

  4. ouch

    Most plants will not attract fleas. I would tell them that their dogs are more likely to attract fleas than the plants.

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