We’ve got a household full of cats and while we have only one small dog, he is a _huge_ personality and sometimes seems to take up a whole room by himself.
The pills, and the Frontline, and drops, and flea baths, are expensive, toxic, and only work partially. I would love to stop using all of them, but we live in a warm, wet climate and fleas are _everywhere_.
I heard that feeding brewers yeast to cats and dogs will repel fleas, and that they love to eat the stuff, besides.
Is it true?


  1. Marq JPAA

    It is possible to use brewer’s yeast as a source of zinc and other minerals, and also as a flea repellent — but the amounts used are small and there is a “trick” to using these so your pet doesn’t become ill.
    One thing to mention: some animals are allergic to brewer’s yeast, so it’s best to try with a small patch of the animal’s skin first to see if there is a reaction before adding the yeast to food or using it as a flea spray.
    Warm, wet climate sounds nice. Where I live (central Texas) we’re in the midst of our worst drought in 50 years, and we can’t even BUY rainfall!

  2. paul

    No its not true and more likely to make your pets very sick!! Talk to your vet about flea treaments, they do work if used correctly and every pet in the household must be treated otherwise you are only doing half a job

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