My boyfriend and I have our own dog. We recently got it and we have both been trying to decide whether to send it to training school. We want it to be a hunting dog and obedient. We dont have the time to do it since he works a lot and i couldnt do it myself. Should we save our money or send him to school?


  1. abeautif

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes i have two black lab puppies that were off the wall now that they have been to training they are so much calmer but just as fun they pay so much more attention now and they mind. YES again itrs a great idea i loved it i can take them both on walks with out a leash and they walk right by me its amazing.

  2. Hannah R

    YES since you said you don’t have the time,it’s better you did do the training school.It can be expensive but worth it in the end.

  3. Tri

    Do you have time to go hunting?Yes it would be good since you don’t have time to train it yourself some one needs to train it if that’s what you got him/her in the first place

  4. brendaha

    Send him to school hes training will be done on a very strict schedule plus he will most likely turn out to be a great hunting dog with very good listing skills so he wont run off after something u don’t want him to

  5. Cyndee

    Training won’t save that much time for you. It ONLY works if you keep working with your dog once he gets home. Otherwise it is completely useless and your dog will quickly learn that while it was off at school, it had to obey, but now that it’s back home with his pushover parents it can do whatever it wants. If you send him off to school, learn from the trainers there how to work with him and KEEP IT UP. There is no quick-fix to have a wonderfully trained dog. If you absolutely don’t have any time at all for it, you shouldn’t have gotten a dog in the first place.

  6. Mexichic

    As a handler, I much prefer when the owner can train with their dog but if it’s not possible, it’s best to find a trainer you’re comfortable with, either locally or at a training kennel. Talk with your vet and/or local feed store operators to get some names of trainers near you. Check them out thoroughly. Good luck.

  7. heehaw

    Yes. My friend Sent his Brittney to a school that trains hunting dogs..It is GREAT! It bring out the instinct in them… But they are Expensive. The Dog has to go back again to learn more stuff this summer :-/ Or you can take Him yourself to school. Its a lot cheaper.

  8. tranka00

    Absolutely yes!!!!
    An uneducated dog is an unhappy dog and it makes your life very complicated!
    If you don’t have time to do it yourself get an expert.
    But…make sure he or she knows his/her business…try if you can to get references…talk to the owners of some of his students..
    Best of luck!

  9. cgspitfi

    Only if you are going to stick to using the commands and other stuff that you learn in the class. Otherwise the dog will forget what it learned.

  10. I â?¥ my doberman

    well you have to be smarter than the dog to tech the dog so I think so should learn how to train ur dog urself

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